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The Split Enz

What can be said about this unbelievable group of the late 70's and early 80's that hasn't been said already? There will never will be another band like "The Split Enz! But of course, this has been said and I am know I am not alone in this opinion. For me, I was so infatuated with the love songs of Neil Finn, but went crazy for brother, Tim's edgy rebelliousness. At the same time, I felt so deeply for what seemed Tim fighting his demons in his songs. Now I know that the band was more than The Brother's Finn. According to wikipedia (and we know they know everything) the rest of the band included from March 1978 - May 1981: Nigel Griggs (bass) Malcolm Green (drums) Eddie Rayner (keyboards) Noel Crombie (percussion, art/visual director). Today, both of the men are still unbelievable in their song writing with Neil coming out of The Split Enz, creating "Crowded House" and now on his own with whom I understand, his grown son joining him on tou