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On the Front Porch with Gary Chapman

It's apparent that Gary is in a great season of life. Fans may remember Gary has wrestled with his demons. Haven't we all!? But today, he is settled and happy in his life with wife Cassie and new baby daughter, as well as his children from first wife, Christian cross-over artist, Amy Grant. Listeners might think that this album falls under the Christian genre, but I choose to differ in this opinion. Most music artists write and sing about their reality. Gary's singing about life. . . his life. . . mine too and maybe yours! : ) I'm not much of a lover of Country Music, okay okay... I'm a closet Country lover. I cried when I saw the Grand Ole Opry's Ryman Hall last Spring for the first time!!! I digress -  but as I've said over the years - look it up : ) - good music surpasses all genres. This is a solid project that I believe is radio worthy. I've always loved Gary's robust tone. He's awesome! Some moments I felt like I was listening t