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George Harrison - Looking back on 33 1/3 with his friend; Alvin Taylor

           Famed Drummer Shares Memories of Working with George Harrison It's been nearly 2 decades since the younger Beatles passed away. For myself, I’ve been a fan of The Beatles since I was 3 years old and that was a long time ago! I’ve also been a fan of them as individual artists. When John Lennon was tragically killed in 1980, I was devastated. Then to find out that George Harrison would later pass away from Cancer on this day; in 2001, cut me deep. Of course I never had the privilege of meeting any of these wonderful men, but I know someone who has. My friend; famed drummer, Alvin Taylor.  Inside cover of 33 1/3 Alvin's skills as a drummer can be heard on one of my personal favorite LP’s. George Harrison's 1976 release of   33 1/ॐ   which included, Billy Preston, David Foster, Emil Richards, Gary Wright, Richard Tee, Tom Scott and Willie Weeks.  The feedback on  33 1/ॐ was incredible with reviews better than George's "All Things Must Pass" in 1970 with