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George Duke: Gone Too Soon

There are just no words to say how sad I am to learn of the passing of Grammy Award Winning musician, George Duke. He fought a courageous battle of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. At 67 years of age, he submitted to that disease today. I hate that I am at this age to see so many great people I grew up listening to who contributed to forming my vast musical tastes, pass away like this. Unless the younger generation are musicians themselves, they will never understand what it's lik e to lose a legend like Mr. George Duke. He wasn't JUST a jazz icon. He is part of what makes R & B, Pop, Funk and Hip Hop what it is today! George Duke was the epitome of the "musician's musician." His solo career was stellar. Never stagnant, he was always reinventing himself and giving himself to new styles of music working with the likes of Daft Punk, Ice Cube and others. His who's who in music, from the 1960's up to his passing is absolutely incredible, like Al Jar