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Kere Buchanan takes West Coast Sound & Owns It

There's nothing more exciting than listening to an album that's been done right. The album I'm talking about is "Goodbye Yesterday" by Kere Buchanan Kere is from Sydney, Australia. He and his friends have done their homework. . . studied the West Coast Sound, including just stepping out, asking if some legends might lend their vocals and skills and created a fine project that I am positive will be considered a classic by all who love Smooth Jazz. This is probably one of the best albums I've heard in a very long time in this genre. Kere has taken everything that he has learned from everyone that he has admired musically and put them together to create one fantastic LP. He's also made this an album that if it were on vinyl, you'd put on your turntable, play "side one" from it's beginning, then turn over to "side two" and play the rest to it's end and maybe start it over because it's that good. I definitely feel

Keyboardist for Lady Gaga & His 360° Piano

I had an opportunity to meet an amazing musician who just happens to be touring with Lady Gaga and has toured with her since 2010. He is Brockett Parsons. What an nice guy! Brockett was at this year's NAMM Show demonstrating his amazing keyboard that has gone through two Gaga tours and is about to hit the road again with the upcoming Artpop tour. I also had a chance to meet Brockett's friend, Richard Fell from QRS who is the creative force behind the ArcPiano. Rich took a few minutes to tell me how this concept was conceived and what he did to make it a reality. Isn't that incredible!? Proof that if you can see it, you can achieve it! As you can see, Brockett is so amazingly awesome! He's got that Weather Report vibe going on there, don't you think? I told him that. I also told him that if he ever puts out a solo LP, I would love to listen and review it. He immediately responds with, "I'd like to show you something." Grabbing his iPhone, h

Leah Turner Has The Keys to Her New Vehicle; SUCCESS!

Lean Turner is an up and coming Country music artist and I predict; Superstar. But I think she always knew this. What I'm sure she doesn't know, is that I met her when she was a baby and toddler. Her Tia and I were not only school alumnus' but co-workers in Palm Springs and remain dear friends to this day. In the last year, Leah's name has been blowing up the social media sites, but I wasn't really aware of who she was until her auntie told me. It was pleasing to see her grow up to be not only a beautiful young woman but incredibly talented! But as most of you know, if you've been reading my page for the last few years, I won't promote something on my own that I am not fully excited by and that includes even from those I know. Seeing Leah on her new video, " Take the Keys " excites me because even if I didn't know her family, I would still promote her. She is authentic. She has an amazing presence about her. Here is her official vi