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Tommy Sims - Diary: Peace & Love

If you haven't heard this album, you are so missing out!! This album was released in 2000, and it seemed, quickly went out of print. But you can still find it online somewhere. I found it on Spotify. Love this album! I think I've bought at least 10 copies to have and to give away. I love that Stevie Wonder plays harmonica on the track "Summer." This album is full of stories that encompass joy, laughter, sadness, heartbreak & striving. Look for it. Once you start listening, you'll want to start over and listen again!!! There's also a Facebook group: I Love The Work of Tommy Sims that I created to pay respect to this amazing artist, musician, writer, engineer, producer and what I've been told, a very nice person. .

MUTEMATH has struck gold once again!!!

And from what I've read & heard, striking gold has had it's price. Alot of blood, sweat & tears went into this project and it shows. The LP is due out August 18th, just a few days from now. I've had the privilege of listening to "Armistice" from beginning to end. I seriously thought my ears were going to go insane by the various sounds I was treated to. This is not a review, just a plug for a band I've been following from the beginning, particularly Paul Meany (vocals, keys & percussion) & Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass, vocals & percussion) from their previous band and have seen these guys grow and mature in their writing and musical style. I am compelled, tho, to tell you that track 3 "Clipping" has enraptured me. For days, I'd been trying to figure what it was that was stirred up inside of me from the moment it began and tonight I figured it out. . . INTOXICATION. Wikipedia says that "Intoxication is the state of b

John Torres' CD Release Party

I went to a CD Release Party tonight. It's not like this was my first, but I have to admit this was definitely the best. The feature artist is friend John Torres . The album being celebrated; "Music After All." Which by the way, sold out at this event!! If you haven't already, check out his Myspace Aside from John doing cuts from his album, there was jamming from the band, friend's of John's. These seasoned musicians included; keyboardist Gary Verrill and guitarist for Kenny G, John Raymond. There was some blues, Gospel, alittle Beatles and even some Motown. You'll forgive me that I didn't know the other fantastic musicians and singers. They were all amazing!! Here's a few of the songs John performed. Check out these impromptu moments; Totally unrehearsed. These are the moments a musician watchin lives for!! A W E S O M E This was my suggestion to the band, actually any Motown song. I didn't realize my voice was being picked up by the camer

The Split Enz

What can be said about this unbelievable group of the late 70's and early 80's that hasn't been said already? There will never will be another band like "The Split Enz! But of course, this has been said and I am know I am not alone in this opinion. For me, I was so infatuated with the love songs of Neil Finn, but went crazy for brother, Tim's edgy rebelliousness. At the same time, I felt so deeply for what seemed Tim fighting his demons in his songs. Now I know that the band was more than The Brother's Finn. According to wikipedia (and we know they know everything) the rest of the band included from March 1978 - May 1981: Nigel Griggs (bass) Malcolm Green (drums) Eddie Rayner (keyboards) Noel Crombie (percussion, art/visual director). Today, both of the men are still unbelievable in their song writing with Neil coming out of The Split Enz, creating "Crowded House" and now on his own with whom I understand, his grown son joining him on tour, while T

Mornin' by Rene & Rene

Rene & Rene or aka René Y René are a band from South Texas but growing up with their music I had thought they were an East L.A. band. With their soft ranchera sound, their songs were a staple with los pachucos with their rucas in one arm and the other hanging, stationary to their side, swaying to songs such as "Lo Mucho que Te Quiero (The More I Love You)," and "Mienteme." I have memories of my mom singing Mienteme with that look in her eyes thinking about the love of her life. It brings chills just thinking about it now. To me, I find it sad that René Y René are listed as a "One Hit Wonder" because they definitely were not a one hit wonder. With their flexibility in playing any style, they proved they could not only write beautiful love songs, but songs to dance to like "Angelito" where a soft "cha cha cha" would be inorder. Can you say "la fiesta con la familia y amigos todos!!?" Although René Ornelas y René Herrera wer