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Eddie Murphy Returns to His First Love with "Red Light" ft Snoop Lion

  All I can say is I am so glad to see multi talent; Eddie Murphy returning to music.  I've always felt this guy had an amazing voice! And in listening to his newest release of "Red Light" ft Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dog, I am in awe.    To tell you all the truth, people, Reggae isn't even my music of choice. But this is one good song with a thought provoking message. Dang, Eddie Murphy has such a smooth sexy velvety voice! I absolutely love it! And the way he looks so natural in this setting, as if he'd been pursuing music for years! I would love to see him perform in some our best "smaller" clubs. As far as all the musicians on this record, they are stellar! Snoop of course, is always on!       GREAT SONG, EDDIE!! Glad to see you back in this arena! Maybe we'll see you as the musical guest on SNL! Wouldn't that be a riot!? Tear it up, when you get there! You have a hit here with "Red Light."