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So THAT'S what they've been doing on Newport Way!

I had a very unexpected surprise when I went to see friends, SHERWOOD at The Showbox recently. There were supposed to be about 3 bands opening for them, but 2 or 3 more were signed up to play at the last minute.

Normally. . . when I go to a show, I wind up missing the first band, sometimes the second, mostly from being late. What made me want to be ontime this particular night, I have no idea, except that it was meant for me to be there. Also, my 12 year old daughters and their friend were attending their first show at The Showbox and we wanted to see all the bands.

The first band up, you just never know what they're going to be like.

I'm sitting in my spot, minding my own business, tooling around on my phone and the opening band begins. Of course, I have no idea who they are. But I have a theory. . . .by the first 8 measures, it's a hit or miss with me. It was a huge "hit" for me. . . especially since music of the genre being played is usually not what I would…


Most radio stations today all seem the same as far as I'm concern. Even some of the L.A. stations that had a great influence on my musical tastes as I was growing up, have lost their lustre in my ears.

I suppose I am so old school, yearning for AM Radio every now and then. Well I happen to live in area where that need can be fulfilled.

Seems there is this small radio station off the beaten path of Seattle in a VERY small area called Covington, WA that has found the secret of playing the songs of the past. But it's more than that, they are playing the songs that made the biggest impression of someone like me, who grew up in Los Angeles & Palm Springs, California.

And they know how to stir up the mix!!! That's what blows me away!! They've managed to pull out songs that even I, haven't heard in years. Not even KRTH 101, L.A. isn't spinning some of the 45's Covington's KMCQ is playing!

Last year, about this time, there seemed to be problems with the stati…

Spin That 45 on Facebook

It been a long time coming, as I've been driving some of family and friends crazy with the amount of videos I post on my personal Facebook page.

On the other hand, because of the videos I post and because of my blog, it's time that "Spin That 45" has it's own page.


How do you describe the feeling of seeing someone like Michael Ruff??

Or hearing the gorgeous sultry voice of his beautiful daughter,
Olivia Ruff?

Or watching someone like James Harrah, on guitar, taking command with one of his "sexy solos?"

Or hearing someone like Sr. Marco Mendoza funk off on his base?

All driven by the precision and funk of Joey Heredia!!!

How do you describe the feeling of being in the LEGENDARY Baked Potato??

How do you describe it????

TURN IT UP . . . .

GET UP . . .


That is how I felt being there for the two nights when Michael Ruff appeared with his friends and family!! How ANYONE could just sit there and watch, was beyond me. Then again, I was wasn't watching anyone, because I was standing at the bar, MOVING like a crazy woman!!! HAHAHAHA!!! And when you watch the videos I'll be posting, you'll understand why I stood at the bar!!

I had to move!!!

I had to clap my hands!! .

I had to "sang!!!"

Michael and the …

Adam. . . . meet Charlie Blacksmoke

To say that I am a fan of Adam LaClave is an understatement.
Adam's music is like a drug to me. . . I am addicted to him. And when I need a fix, I want the effect to last ALL DAY!!!

His words penetrate the very depths of my soul, cliché, I know. . . but true.

I've been following Adam and his friends since they were together as "Earthsuit." I even had the privilege of seeing Earthsuit perform live. It is an evening that I hold precious to my heart, like when I saw The Split Enz back in 1982.

Earthsuit's LP is a staple on my iPod, as well as Adam's longtime friends who went off to form Mutemath, which Adam has been a contributor, either in writing and or performing.

The music world took notice of Adam La Clave after Earthsuit, when Adam put together MACROSICK. Unfortunately, it was not to last as MACROSICK got lost in the shuffle of changes within the industry.

Reading what Adam had to say about that season in his life, in his blog, caused ill feelings as…

Jon Gibson is ON A MISSION!!!

Hey everyone, especially fans of the incomparable Jon Gibson.

Jon has released a new single and it is available for immediate download.

I am very excited about this, as I have been a JG fan from pretty much the beginning!!

Jon's music is timeless!!

The single is available from Jon's from website: or you can click on this direct link:

It's been a long time!

It has been a long time since I've posted anything!! LIFE has happened and taken me over! I apologize if you've been one of my faithful visitors and have been frustrated by seeing the same old blogs!!

I will tell you that I have some great stuff in the works.


Preview of what is to come:

Jon Gibson, blue eyed soul artist EXTRODINAIRE!! Jon is on a mission and I'm gonna tell you all about it!

Funk Bassist, Joseph Patrick Moore has a new LP that he has "personally" asked me to review. I'm giddy just thinking about it!!!

Something very cool from my favorite band MUTEMATH.

A treasure from our family friend; Don Tosti.
You will NOT believe what I have got!!!

So that's just a few of what I'm working on.
I can't WAIT for you to read/see/hear what I have!!

In the meantime, if you haven't read the old blogs I've posted, check them out!!

Peace out!!