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Christmas isn't Christmas without Alexander O'Neal

One of my favorite Christmas albums ever released has to be "My Gift To You" by Alexander O'Neal! This is one those albums that can be played from beginning to end. . . the way an album should be played.

Released in 1988, this album has stood the test of time. With iconic producers James (Jimmy Jam) Harris and Terry Lewis at the helm, it has all the makings of an outstanding Christmas albums. It rocks, it bumps, it's classic and classy! Alexander O'Neal is so versatile. He can schmooze and he can be humble, all with his tone. I believe him as he is singing his heart out!

Track List:

My Gift To You

Sleigh Ride
This is Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis all the way!

Our First Christmas
Remember Why (It's Christmas)
The Little Drummer Boy
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
This Christmas
Winter Wonderland
Thank You For A Good Year
Remember Why (I…



Israel Houghton Set To Perform Hit Single, “It’s Not Over (When God Is In It)” During Stellar Awards Taping Jan. 19

Following four back-to-back GRAMMY Award-winning albums, Israel Houghton returns with New Breed to gather two additional GRAMMY nominations for the first live recording in five years from Israel & New Breed, Jesus At The Center, which was recorded as a joint venture by Integrity Music and RGM-NEW BREED Music. The nominations were announced last night by The Recording Academy from “The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! — Countdown To Music’s Biggest Night,” a one-hour CBS entertainment special broadcast live from Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.

Receiving a nomination for Best Gospel Album, as well as for Best Contemporary Christian Music Song for the hit AC radio single, “Your Presence Is Heaven,” the latter nod marks Houghton’s first nomination in the category. The awards will …

Andreas Aleman has got the POWER!

I am so amazed by this guy!! Up until recently, I had never heard of Andreas Aleman. But thanks to my friends at Inside MusiCast, I am a believer!! Man, this guy is THE FUNK!!! When I found out he was from Sweden, it completely blew me away!! No disrespect to my friends in Sweden, but the guy sounds like he is from Los Angeles!!! Holy Cow!! What a sound he has!!! He is a huge fan of one of my favs, Michael Ruff, so that could explain it. HA!! : )

Because I haven’t actually had a chance to ask Andreas myself about his background, I found the following bio from one of my favorite sites: bluedesert.

“Andreas Aleman was born and raised in Södertälje (Sweden). He began his musical career at the age of 3 when he started playing accordion and piano. Not long after that he began writing his own music.
He found his musical style early on, largely thanks to his parents’ record collection, which included everything from soul, funk, blues, rock, gospel and country. He listened, studied, and le…

Israel & New Breed leaves you SPEECHLESS

What is the objective of a live worship album?

I believe it's to get the focus on the One that is being worshipped. How? By dancing, moving, jumping, clapping and then bringing the crowd, or "church" to a quiet stillness of praise. THE BOTTOM LINE?SINGING YOUR HEART AND SOUL OUT!!!

Israel Houghton has surpassed that with his latest album, "Jesus At The Center."
This 2 Disc album is jammed pack full of funk, hip hop, soul, contemporary worship and CHURCH!!!! Gospel at it's finest!!!

Following two back-to-back Billboard Top 200-selling, GRAMMY Award-winning solo studio albums, Israel Houghton returns with New Breed for their first live recording in five years, Jesus At The Center, releasing Aug. 14 on Integrity Music. Recorded live with thousands of worshippers at Houston’s Lakewood Church, this double-CD, 17 song album with three additional studio singles features Israel & New Breed returning to their roots, delivering new anthems for the modern day c…

Watch out! Sara Niemietz is DANGEROUS!

Last year about this time, the world started taking notice of this up and coming teen with a voice like a seasoned blues/jazz singer. Posting her videos on YouTube, she began developing a nice fan base, one of them being Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen invited this teenager to sing on her show and blew EVERYONE away!!! I blogged it here.

Recently, Sara has been puttin out the funk in the San Fernando Valley's "Cafe Cordiale" as part of a righteous group called "Babylon Social Club," featuring some of music's finest!
Snuffy Walden (Chaka Khan,TV shows "The Gifted Man," "Roseanne," "The George Lopez Show," "The West Wing").
Leslie Smith, singer, songwriter, musician and producer,co-writer of "Minute by Minute!"
Herman Matthews (Tom Jones,Kenny Loggins, Tower of Power, Robin Thicke, Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow and Richard Marx).
Bennett Salvay,(Composer-arranger TV shows "Full House," "Step by Step," …

Visual Flight Rules is Worth While

Sometimes you just wanna bring that bar band sound home.

But what to choose.....

I've got the perfect choice for you: "What Are You Waiting For" by Visual Flight Rules.

And if any of you have followed me here and read my reviews, you know I don't review anything I don't like. This was an easy listen.

Visual Flight Rules is Brett Mikels on guitar, vocals, Drummer; Herman Matthews and Michael Mennell on bass and vocals.

This EP is packed with the talents of Jason Orme, David Zemen, Dan Rothchild, Larry Kimpel, Vincent Jones, Michael Hyde, Ned Albright, Theresa James and the amazing Bill Champlin of Chicago.

Earn My Love
Love Says So
What Are You Waiting For
Let It Go
Worth While
Sweet Thing

Brett Mikels tells the stories with that sweet tenor sound that has a hint of Michael Bublé mixed with that Billy Vera and The Beaters sound.

The first track, "Earn My Love" gets the party started with some funky blues! Theresa James lends her sexy voc…

Switchfoot Remixes Vice Verses

On Record Store Day, April 21, GRAMMY-winning rock band SWITCHFOOT will release a limited edition CD entitled Vice Re-Verses a remix album.

The Best of the Best worked on this project. The EP features remixes of songs from Vice Verses by Paper Route’s JT Daly, Owl City’s Adam Young, Photek, Darren King and DandJ.

JT Daly's two cuts are "The Original" and "Dark Horses."
I love how this EP starts off with a BANG!!!
You just have to turn this up!!!!!

Owl City’s Adam Young remixed "Blinding Light." Totally see this as soundtrack song.

Grammy nominated Photek remixes "Selling The News." I really love this one with it's downtempo. It's very smooth. I like all the songs, but right now at this moment, this is my favorite.

MUTHMATH'S Darren King took his harddrive of what he calls his "fishing pond of stuff" and worked on "Vice Verses" while on the road. LOVE IT!!! In listening to it, I have to wonder if D…

Paul Baloche: Singing about The Same Love

Paul Baloche is one of those whose music I'd always loved but never knew him by name.
I only knew his songs whether sung by him or someone else, that is until about 8 years ago. Since then, Paul has been one of my "go to's" for worship. His songs are honest and easy to sing and "most times" easy for me to play. HA!!

Who doesn't remember "Open The Eyes of My Heart" or "Above All," written with Lenny LeBlanc or "Hosanna?" These are all great songs! I can't be sure of this, but I would venture to guess that Paul's songs, whether written by just him or with others, are probably the most songs heard, during a worship service in churches around the world or small groups, etc.

What I find amazing about Paul Baloche, is that he is not stingy with his songs "i-ther." : ) He is quick to share his tips and tricks in workshops, worship magazines, DVD's or his website. Allowing a sometime simple worship leader like …

Aaron Kusterer is fluent in the Language of Emotion

I love instrumentals!!!

I love that feeling when the music totally moves you from sways to getting deep inside the soul and unleashing emotions buried.

I've no doubt that guitar enthusiasts already know about this amazing guitarist.
And I've no doubt that people like me, who aren't musicians but just love music will know the name "Aaron Kusterer."

Aaron's latest release "Language Of Emotion" is definitely the guitar lover's LP!! Lots of influences here, i.e. Joe Satriani, the "Steves" . . .Lukather & Vai and one of my favorites; Lee Ritenour.

This album, Aaron's 2nd release is a very sophicated effort without being stuffy. This is not a show off, "see what I can do" album. Aaron is definitely fluent in his skills and he just wants to communicate what's on his mind. He's taking us on a journey and he wants you to sit back and take it all in.

Listening to his album over and over, I can't help but think of th…

MUTEMATH Gives us a Show Via "Allies" and Announces Their First Austrailian Tour!!

MUTEMATH released their latest video, "Allies."
Having been to some 20+ shows, I can assure you they and their director; Dustin Robichaux have captured the essence of what one can expect at any one of their shows. . . an AMAZING and memorable experience!!

Watching this, I am reliving their recent show here in Seattle, of which I did a write up on.
It was unbelievable!!


I'm sure everyone of you "Down Under" is saying, "it's about FRICKIN TIME!!!!!"

They will be Groovin The Moo as well as playing in the following areas. . .

Thursday 10 May – Zoo, Brisbane

Wednesday 16 May -Hifi, Sydney

Thursday 17 May – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Sunday 20 May – Amplifier, Perth

Tickets go on sale Tuesday 28th February 9am.
Get those tickets as soon as they go on sale!! Don't wait!!!

Oh yeah. . .
For tour info here in the U.S., visit their pages.
And for the Canadian fans, MUTEMATH will be doing a tour in the Fall of 201…

Seattle FINALLY shows some serious love to MUTEMATH

With an nearly sold out show at The Showbox SoDo on Friday, February 10th, MUTEMATH showed major love back to their fans, old and new by giving 200 percent of themselves and putting on a spectacular show, playing ALL the tracks from the their latest release, ODD SOUL and surprising us with several classic MUTEMATH songs. Their FACEBOOK seemed to indiciate that they might only play about 3 or 4 classics, but I was shocked at how many songs they gave us.

And you could see it on their faces that they were very pleased by the response they were receiving from the crowd.

As a long time fan and supporter of this great band and these guys, I was like a mom. . . proud to be a part of it all!!

The guys


above and beyond

for their Seattle

fans by going for

2 1/2 hours!!!

This reminds me of the concerts of old where bands like Loggins & Messina would continue to play long after the lights were turned off. This was by far a stellar show!!

Highlights were a grand rear entrance like Mardi …

Abe Laboriel: Amazing Fans with His Mad Skills at NAMM 2012

All you have to say is "Abe Laboriel," and people know that you know something about music.

Abraham has been a part of the music scene for over 40 years and has recorded with the best of the best and been on the best of the best albums recorded in history, such as, George Benson's "Give Me The Night," Quincy Jones'"The Dude," Al Jarreau, just about every Lee Ritenour album ever recorded, including with Dave Grusin and many, many others.

Oh and of course

I have to mention

my favorite album:


by Lee Ritenour

So, for me, it was a huge treat to see this man once again live at this year's NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

For almost 30 years, I've not only seen Abe perform with my favorite artists, but have gleaned his wisdom in a workshop held at the Christian Musician Summit back in 2005.

What a wise and eloquent speaker.

Abe knows his skills VERY well. But you won't find a more humble human being.
Okay . . . you will, but Abe is up there as far…

MUTEMATH Announces Support Band

Well. . . the guys are gearing up for what I believe, will be one INCREDIBLE tour!!

As the time is drawing near for MUTEMATH to hit the road, fans have been itching to know who will be touring with them.

Today they announced that Nashville native, "Canon Blue" will be joining them for their 2012 Spring Odd Soul Tour

The Opening Band. Who are they? Do I care?

I hate going to see my favorite band and not know who the opening band is.
So this time. . . I am getting ready!!

Where have I been that I've never heard of them or

. . . him!!

Daniel James

I am on Canon Blue's website right now and am LOVIN' what I am hearing!!!

MUTEMATH has definitely made the right choice in choosing Canon Blue!!

So all you MUTEMATH fans, prepare yourselves for a fantastic show and go to Canon Blue's site and listen to a few cuts from Daniel's latest release; "Rumspringa."

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, DON'T WAIT!!!
Their stop in Los Angeles at Club Nokia is…