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AM Radio Is Makin’ A Comeback!

For me. . . THAT. . . is a wonderful thing!! Because those songs stand the test of time. I admit it. . . I was around when all we had was AM radio. Well, there was FM, in L.A. but not too many stations. My favorite songs came from L.A.’s AM stations, like KHJ, KRLA and Palm Springs’ KDES. Holding my transistor radio, I could listen to my favorite artists or groups, like The Jackson 5, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Stevie, Todd Rundgren, The Beatles, The Monkees, even 1910 Fruitgum Co. . .HA!!!! And of course, there are soooo many more, but this is not about who I listened to back then, this is about someone YOU will be listening to and is already showing that his music will stand the test of time, too. ADRIAN BOURGEOIS Why do I equate Adrian with AM? Well, mainly because the songs that influenced my love of musical tastes and styles, came through the tiny speaker of my transistor radio. Every 45 I have from the 60’s & 70’s, I treasure. They are the soundtrack to my life. I still

Ricky Berger has Another Blue Dream

And she's going to tell you ALL about it!! What can I say about Ricky Berger!? She is simply put. . . A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! With her fairytale princess presence, this early "20 something," may sound like she is all about fun and pretend play. . .and she is!! But let me tell you, this girl's music is something she is VERY serious about! There may be other young artists out there who are similiar, but to my knowledge, I've not heard any. She's no Gaga, she's no Miley, she's no Adele. . . she's Ricky!! To some, her sound might be considered eccentric, nostalgic, maybe a little quirky by today's standards, but by no means. . . boring. What I like about her songs, is they're profoundly written while still being singable. Ricky invites you to sing along with her melodies. And you want to! Writing since she was a young girl, she plays what I thought to be over 20 instruments, not just good, but WELL! This girl can also play a glockenspiel and piano toge

Time for Recess

Some albums should NEVER be forgotten. . . . . . this is just one of them. . . This album is heavy on the Smooth Jazz... I like to call it, "Mr. Mister meets Kenny G with Gloria Estefan & Janet Jackson singing on the female vocals, Al Jarreau scattin' with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis as producers." HA!!! With some GREAT engineering on here!! Listen with your headphones to catch it all. Plus these musicians were so seasoned. I wish I knew more about them. I would love to find out what their backgrounds are in music and where they are today. When I first heard "Hands That Made The World" on my local Christian radio station, it seemed so out of place for their playlist. The song sounded more appropiately for 94.7 The Wave in L.A. I had to buy the album. Boy, was I surprised!!! I LOVED IT!!! The musicians are TIGHT as all get out!!! After doing some research, it seems like this was the only album they put out. And unfortunately, as with many good albums, this on

The Imperials are Still Standing in Classic style!

Just because you've been in the business awhile doesn't mean you can't put out a great LP. And yet, sometimes that happens to groups/artists who have been around for as long as these guys have been. But that is not the case here! This is a great album!!! I love how the tracks are merged into one another, yet separated. Great vocals! Great sound! Great musicianship!! Great engineering!!!!! Kudos to that person! I really like this album! Still Standing will appeal to everyone who loves Country, Rock n Roll, Southern Rock, Soul & Gospel. So well done!! I'm rockin out to it now!! LOVE IT!!! Check out their website The Classic Imperials .

It's Not Over

Here at Spin That 45, I try to keep this blog upbeat, but this is something I just have to share with you. Steve Bartlett, a former real estate agent who is now working with a company that helps college aged kids look to continue their education, began a project, not knowing where it would lead, when his heartstrings were pulled at the effects of the Gulf Coast oil leak a year ago, April. I'll let him tell his story: "Last June I noticed that the poets and artists seemed kind of quiet about this hole that was gushing millions upon millions of crude oil into the water of the Gulf. Fast forward to November 2010, and I was notified by a friend in Kentucky about an event here in Seattle. It was a symposium held by Project Gulf Impact at Seattle University. So my wife, my 10 year old daughter and I went to this to see what the latest was from the Gulf of Mexico. What I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. Speaker after speaker got up and told their story. A fisherman n


I have to be honest here and say that I've never been a Stryper fan. I know, I know. . . Blasphemy! Maybe I can redeem myself by letting you know that my husband has been a long time fan.   And as I've said before my philosophy of good music surpassing all genres rings true once again.  I would listen to this album over and over.  First of all, I LOVE the name of the album!!!! THE COVERING???? That is a FANTASTIC name for an album from a group that has made living and playing for Christ their main focus.  And the fact that they've chosen to "cover" some of Rock's greatest songs in history is, what I believe, the 2nd reason for the naming of this LP as opposed to the first. But. . . I could be wrong ; ) I think covering another artist or band's songs can be a hit or miss kind of thing.  Whether the songs sound the same or are different, my opinion is you gotta make it your own to make it worth my listening.  MAKE IT YOUR OWN One of my favorite remakes that