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Maybe 3 Times Is The Charm for Original Members of WAR


Fans around the world are able to cast votes for  2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees until December 9, 2014

(November 12, 2014—Seattle, WA)—The seven original founding members of the California funk/fusion band WAR—including Papa Dee Allen, Harold Brown, B.B. Dickerson, Lonnie Jordan, Charles Miller, Lee Oskar and Howard Scott—have been nominated for the third time for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These seven acclaimed musicians were responsible for composing and performing such iconic 70’s mega-hits as Spill The Wine, Slipping into Darkness, Low Rider, Cisco Kid, The World Is Ghetto, Why Can’t We Be Friends and many more.

Greg Errico, Founding Member of Sly and the Family Stone and 1993 Inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, comme…

MUTEMATH Bassist Debuts New Album As "The Pink Dust"

Roy Mitchell-C├írdenas of alt-rock band "MUTEMATH" has a new project he's releasing with friend and bandmate; Cliff Littlefield under the name of THE PINK DUST. 

The band says their music is "eclectic, capturing sounds reminiscent of 60’s and 70’s classic rock, 80’s new wave and 90’s alternative." I would say that's a pretty accurate description. But, I would also add there's a little fusion influence as well as some major soul here.  In listening to this LP, it somewhat reminds of "The Alan Parson's Project" in that, every song is fairly different with it being an album that the listener can play from the beginning to the end. And I am a huge proponent in the old school way of thinking that when the listener takes the album out of the cover / sleeve, they set it on the turntable, put that needle down on track one, play it to the end, flip that record over and continue listening. . . . cuz that's how we do it! (said with latin barrio i…

Father and Son Take To The Stage - The Backyard Stage, That Is.

Singer, songwriter Adrian Bourgeois teamed up with his dad, Brent Bourgeois of 80's iconic group; Bourgeois Tagg recently this summer in a special "secret location" show in the Seattle area. An intimate crowd were privy to "up close" interaction and some great tunes, including a couple from Brent's new album "Don't Look Back," as well as tunes from Adrian's latest release, "Pop /Art." Not to be confused with Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" album. 
Heavy rains that week continued to threaten the day of the show, but it turned out to be a great night under the stars, with a few cloud coverage. 
Brent; "opening" for Adrian, started off with a tune from his solo project "Brent Bourgeois" released in 1990, which some might recall he sang duet with Fleetwood Mac's, Christine McVie.

Brent and Adrian performed "The High Road" from his record "Don't Look Back." The track features friend …

Guitarists Extrodinaire; Aaron Kusterer and Jennifer Batten Are Chasing Fireflies


Aaron Kusterer and Jennifer Batten Announce New Single ‘Fireflies’ (Owl City Cover) Out June 21, 2014

As a follow up to their last single together, The Melting Pot, Aaron Kusterer and Jennifer Batten have collaborated again to record a guitar-centric version of Owl City’s Fireflies. As a bonus, Batten and Kusterer are also releasing a companion music video.

When asked about the project history in a recent interview, Aaron stated, “Jennifer told me at one point that she really liked the song Fireflies . . . it kind of grew on me. So I thought, let’s just do this.”
“While making my own arrangement, I wanted to be sure to give a tip of the hat to the original,” said Aaron when asked about the guitar-centric nature of the cover. “You’re not going to find a lot of fast guitar playing in this thing.”

The Fireflies cover will drop in the US on June 21st along with the companion music video. The video will be available worldwide via YouTube. European download rele…

Brent Bourgeois Perfects His Curve Ball With "Don't Look Back"

It's been more than 20 years since diehard fans have heard anything by singer songwriter Brent Bourgeois, known for his solo work and more notably for being half of 80s New Wave; Synthpop group; Bourgeois Tagg. 
Leaving the group for various reasons, Brent moved to Nashville in the 90’s at the invitation of friend Charlie Peacock to produce Contemporary Christian Music. Brent Bourgeois seemed to have the golden touch working with the likes of some of CCM's greatest teen pop stars. In my opinion, he made these artists sound less CCM-ish and more like the true music artists that they were.
But those diehard fans were always asking when Brent might put out another album. 
Fans will have to wait no longer! 
Brent . . . is. . . . back!!! 
And like a fine wine that has aged well, Brent has a new album that is sure not to disappoint. ”Don't Look Back" is the title and releases June 2nd. 
This week I interview Brent Bourgeois to talk about why he left, what brought him back and his…

Jen Haugland Discovers Herself Through The Storm

After much soul searching, singer / songwriter Jen Haugland proves that she has grown up in her writing skills and matured with her new LP, "Where I Am."

Working with producer, Eric Copeland of Creative Soul Records, this 11-track album is an impressive project of music that should not be ignored.  Well crafted and thought out, it has the ingredients to be considered timeless.

Track Listing:
Deep Into You The In-Between Where I Am Little Bit Crazy The Storm For All the Ways So Hard to Find Peace Intentionally Loved You Well The Storm (Instrumental)

I have to admit that while listening to it, I did have some emotional moments, especially while listening to The Storm. What a powerful song! And so beautiful. It's a very gripping type of composition that has you feeling like you've heard it playing at a tear-jerking movie. Mark Burnett, take note! I think you should take a sec and listen to this song! : )
Not every song is going to bring you to tears, tho. There are some…

West Meets Northwest At The Showbox

Seattle folks love them some Switchfoot. And rock legend, Michael Bloodgood of 80's iconic Christian Rock band, BLOODGOOD is no exception! 

Switchfoot, on tour promoting their current release "Fading West," true to form showed Seattle they never disappoint! 

Pictured above is Michael Bloodgood and his wife with Switchfoot at the Showbox. According to Michael, it was a Killer Show, adding that they just get better and better every time he sees them. 

Michael with lead guitarist and super nice guy,  Drew Shirley before Switchfoot's stellar performance. 

If you haven't 
has a new 
release with  DANGeROUSLY  CLOSe.  Check it out
here and 
download it!

Also, take a listen and watch "Lamb Of God" from the new album done in classic Bloodgood style! 


Radio Friendly is Here to Tell You That Everything Will Be Alright

Met some great guys recently at the NAMM Show 2014.
When you attend a product show like NAMM, you're bound to make connections and even pick up a few CD's from artists. Such is the case with the guys of "Radio Friendly."

These guys love music, they love Rock n Roll, and they love Jesus!
Bosch Boschetti, lead vocalist had this to say about the band:

"This band is very dear to my heart because it allows me to take God's message out to people who are lost and broken and gives us a chance to encourage the saved as well. It is great to see people come to the shows and experience God for perhaps the very first time and this is what keeps me going."

So I give the album a listen.

Not bad.

In fact, they are really good!!

Track listing:
1. Love is alive
2. Hold on
3. Say a prayer
4. Everything will be alright
5. Uptown downtown
6. Talk talk
7. Changed

The band are very skilled. The engineering of this EP sounds great!  They definitely have that West Coast rocker sound going …


Dustin Prinz isn't a household name, but he is definitely on his way!
I've enjoyed listening to his new album "ELEVEN." This is Dustin's third project release.
I predict this is the album that will get him radio airplay.

What amazes me is how Dustin can be so qwerky at times, funny, imaginative and then turn your emotions with his serious side. The guy is deep!!!

And so talented!! With the exception of a few doing piano, organ, string arrangements and co/writing two songs. . . Dustin has done it all! Dustin wrote all but two songs, which he co/wrote. He recorded, mixed and mastered this project. First thing I noticed when I listened to this CD was how well it sounded! Beautiful work, Dustin!!

Track List:
1. Freedom
2. Angry Breakup Song
3. So Many Deserving
4. Maybe
5. Next Time You'll Know
6. Evolve
7. You'll Answer When She Calls
8. Blindfolded
9. Snow Day
10. Northstar
11. Radio
12. Delivered In Tears
13. Limbo
14. I'm Still Aliv…

Spin That 45 Talks with Groove Master, David Hungate on His Upcoming Tour with Toto

"Jeff was one of the most loyal, supportive friends you could ever have, particularly on musical issues." 
David Hungate talking about his friend. . . the great Jeff Porcaro

One of my favorite bands, Toto announced last week that they are hitting the road this summer with Michael McDonald. 
2013 was the first time in almost a decade they had done a short tour in the U.S. with several personnel changes within the group, including Nathan East on bass since 2010. Nathan will not be with the band this year as he will be out promoting his first debut album. I love Nathan East and I am so happy for him. 
If you read my blog last week, you’ll have seen that I was first to post that David Hungate, bassist and one of the founding members of Toto will be making his first appearance on stage with Toto since he left the band in 1982.  
Do I need to tell you how excited I am about this???
It has been a very long time since David has toured with Toto. But he never stopped working. David’s music…