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Sista Jean & C.B. have gone Back To The Root

The first thing that comes to mind as I listen to "Back To The Root" is, a hot, sunny day, a pitcher of ice cold lemonade and a porch filled with some good ol'Roots music.

And who's supplying the music? Well it can only be Sista Jean & C.B.!!!

Who's that??? Is that what you're asking?

Well, Sista Jean is none other than Miss Jean McClain, one of the best vocalists I know of who has toured with one of my favorite artists; Bobby Caldwell. You might also know Jean as Urban/Soul & House music artist, Pepper MaShay

And C.B. is guitarist extraordinaire, Carlyle Barriteau, who also tours with Bobby Caldwell as well as being a solo artist in his own right.

From the moment you start to listen, you're taken on a trip of roots, blues and gospel. You'll think you're listening to classics of old, but all the songs are original. A huge thumbs up for that!!

Jean's vocals are classic, robust and deeply soulful. And I didn't know this but she is playi…

Joe Choi is "Ahhhhhhh" . . . like a SPA!

I so wish that Seattle still had their smooth jazz station out here, because I know I'd be hearing Joe Choi on that station. His music is soothing, ambient and yet has a bit of hipness to it. . .with a cherry on top!!

This "local" musician is not your average coffee house guy! Not that there is anything wrong with that. . . I love that scene.

But Joe is Ahhhhhhh . . . like a SPA!!!

Okay. . . this is so TMI. . . but as I'm listening to Joe's album, I am getting this picture of having a spa party and instead of playing Joe's album on my stereo, I have Joe HIMSELF playing LIVE!!! HA!!! THAT IS WHAT JOE IS!!!! HA!!!! I mean. . . Ahhhhhhh...

What album am I referring to?

I'm talking about Joe's latest release. . .
“Sing Your Own Song: Volume One.”
Funny thing is. . .there aren't any lyrics to sing to! HA!! It's all instrumental!
What started out as a dream about Joe's daughter who was 2 at the time, has become a reality to take us, the listener, on …

Leigh Nash Infuses the Sacred Songs of Old

Being Hispanic, I didn't grow up with hymns. I personally didn't know any until much later into my adulthood. I've come to find that they are very comforting, especially in seasons of difficulty and struggle. I would go as far as to say they are a comfort food like "mashed potatoes" or "bread pudding." Okay. . .well. . . those are MY comfort foods of choice!! : )

Hymns & Sacred Songs,

the first of 3 projects by

Leigh Nash,

is my bread pudding ; )

This album is comfort food

for the ears and heart,

while quieting down

the storms of the mind.

As always, Leigh has that angelic sound to her voice! It's so soothing.
Her harmonies are so gentle, yet so tight in their form. . . .beautiful!

Musically, this album is amazing, having that sound of a T-Bone Burnett production.
It almost reminds me of "Raising Sand" by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.
John Hartley, who did a fantastic job in producing this album is also known for working with artists; …

Sam & Jonah. . .say "I Believe!"


I don’t personally know these boys, which I think makes this review even better for me to write.

I saw them about a year and half ago at my daughter’s piano recital. On top of performing the piano pieces assigned to them, the students are encouraged to write their own compositions and perform them. My daughter, then 11, could care less about writing her piece!! HA!! Which was fine with me. : )

But there were two little boys, who took it seriously and it showed. When they performed,
I was blown away. . . and so was everyone at that recital!

Writing the songs for the recital, Jonah, who is passionate about his faith, also realized he had a passion for songwriting. Soon after, with the encouragement of drummer, teacher, Wade Reeves, recording began.

The finished product “Sam & Jonah Music” is an 11 song album soon to be released.

The tracklist is:
You Saved Us
Cause of Jesus Christ
Lord I Give you My Heart
The Bible
Here We Go
I Need You
Fight …

Bryan Duncan: takin' his Stories on The Road

Bryan Duncan...

The name is synonymous with Contemporary Christian Music.

In my opinion, that has been a good AND bad thing because he's more than that.

Bryan is probably one of the most talented musicians in his field as a "blue-eyed soul" artist. In the mid 70's he was part of The Sweet Comfort Band and then broke out on his own in the mid-80's. His style of music runs deeps from pop to blues and everything in between.

He can pierce the deepest part of us with that beautiful voice of his.

The songs that this singer/songwriter was puttin' out encouraged so many of us. Who hasn't been touched by "Strollin On The Water" "Blue Skies" or "Love Takes Time?" It is said that the best music comes from those who have bled through the process. I would say that describes Bryan Duncan.

These great works of blue-eyed soul haven't come easily. There has definitely been a price. The main price. . .addiction.

But hey. . .we've all had h…

Aaron Keyes is "Dwelling"

I'm listening to a new guy. . . Aaron Keyes.
Well, he's a new guy in my world ; )
He's a worship leader out of Snellville, GA.
His latest release is his second album, "Dwell."

I don't mind saying that sometimes I have a hard time with "worship" type albums. There are very few that I can listen to all the way through. Maybe a song or two. And it isn't because of the lyrics. It's worship for heaven sakes!! HA!! If the music doesn't do anything for me then I won't be interested. But. . . I have to say, I am really impressed by this one. This is a very solid album with some "popness" added to the mix! Especially the last track "Lavish Your Love." Very synthpop!!

I have no idea who Aaron is, but I would love to attend his worship service!
Not only is the worship great, but the music is really good!!!
Love how Hillsong drummer, Paul Mabury hits those drums!! WOW!!
Take a listen to "I Am Not The Same," it's almost…

MUTEMATH Revisits The Sixties with ODD SOUL

Well, it's been a long time coming but the date is here. . . the arrival of ODD SOUL by MUTEMATH

So many changes have occurred since the release of Armistice in 2009; marriage, babies, LIFE and most of all. . .saying goodbye to a bandmember. As a long time fan of MM,
(and just so everyone knows . . . I say "I" am the biggest MM fan!! HA!! 11 years now!!!) ANYWAYS. . . it saddened me to find this out, but it happens. I wish Greg Hill the best! He's a terrific guy!!

With the change, a new guy is on board, Todd "Gummy" Gummerman! He is also a terrific guy who truly knows his way with his 6 string electric!

It's funny, when MM's EP came out in 2004, it was recorded by 3 of the members of MM. As it is the same with "ODD SOUL."

Paul Meany, Roy Mitchell-Cardenas & Darren King have done an amazing job with this project! And Todd is STELLAR in having learned every lick PERFECTLY!

The sound is so funkadelic, so 60's, so current and yet, so MUTEM…

Everything is ALWAYS in it's right place with Robert Glasper!

How can one describe this man and his music. . . his style. . . his interpre-TAY-tion of his favorite songs?!?!

So many adjectives have been linked to him, from smooth, enticing, sexy, inspirational, magical, spirtiual, etc.

To that I would add, his music is “charged” with extreme energy!! Especially in the softness of his playing. He’s very deliberate, conscious and intentionally aware of every move he makes . . . .and. . . . NOT “let’s see where this takes us” kind of mentality. And yet, you wanna go with him, cuz you know when he’s leading the way, it won’t be to a dead-end. And even if it does. . . who cares. . .you’re with him. . .


He captivates me

I am his prisoner

happily willing to submit

as long as he keeps playing

either seriously or

with a sense of humor,

breaking out in some

cheesy type of song or

breaking me down with

his rendition of

“Kiss From A Rose/Everything In Its Right Place.”

And so it was, when I saw him recently at the TD Vancouve…

Restless for Switchfoot's Latest? The Wait is Over

The wait has been worth it!!

I think this album is a complete departure from other Switchfoot LPs, with the exception of "Hello Hurricane" since they were pretty much recorded at the same time.

This album ROCKS you from the moment you click "play." As always, the lyrics make you think. No preaching tho, which is what I've always loved about this band. They're talking life as they know it and want to express it in Switchfoot fashion!!

You know what I don't love about this album? That it wasn't released when I was a teenager, struggling with "The War Inside," my own identity. . . feeling like no one liked me and not knowing how to come through it. WHERE WAS THIS ALBUM WHEN I WAS SUFFERING!?!? Thank goodness, I got through my season. But some don't.

These guys must have gone through similiar wars to have written such profilic lyrics. I can see these songs being used to encouraged the teens of today who feel alone, lost, down, angry, etc. …

Rachael Lampa has the Remedy. . . . . And . . . . it's . . . ALL WE NEED!

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- 220/Universal recording artist Rachael Lampa will celebrate the upcoming release of her album All We Need with a free concert event at Nashville’s famed 12th & Porter concert venue on Monday, September 26th. The event will kick-off at 5:30pm with a live performance by Lampa, followed by a live viewing of Lampa’s debut on NBC’s The Sing-Off at 7:00pm.

Be sure to watch!!! The show will feature a "behind-the-scenes" performance of one of the tracks from her new album ("Beauty's Just A Word")

Lampa will appear on Season 3 of the hit series as part of The Collective, a group of Nashville vocalists that was formed specifically to compete in the upcoming season. In recent weeks, Lampa has been in Los Angeles taping the series, while simultaneously promoting her highly anticipated upcoming album, which hits stores on September 27th. The first single, “Remedy,” is available at iTunes, and Lampa will hit the road this fall with Group 1 Crew, …

Shonlock's Gotta Bag Full of Swagga & U Can Bet Ya House On It!!!

(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) -- When Shonlock’s full-length debut release NEVERODDOREVEN (Arrow Records/Universal Music Christian Group) was released on June 21, 2011, the artist, previously best known for his ongoing gig as part of TobyMac’s Diverse City, stepped up to a mic that was all his own. With the success of his first two radio singles and an increased demand for touring, Shonlock will depart from TobyMac’s touring outfit at the end of this month to devote his full attention to his own artistry.

Shonlock’s debut single, “Something In Your Eyes,” became one of this year’s biggest radio hits, holding the #1 spot on Billboard’s CHR Chart, where it remained for seven straight weeks. The follow-up single, “Hello,” is currently #5 and climbing, and a music video will be shot in the coming weeks.

With a lengthy tour schedule for the remainder of 2011, Shonlock will next hit the road on this fall’s “Outta Space Love Tour” with Group 1 Crew, Rachael Lampa and Rapture Ruckus. He spent the su…

Spin That 45's Lo celebrates her 50th

I don't usually post anything about myself but this is too funny NOT to post.
Not my singing, but my crazy friend, actress Jesslilyn voguing as I sing Car Wash.

What a fun birthday!!!


MUTEMATH has Blood Pressure!!!

The second track from MUTEMATH'S latest album "Odd Soul" has been released on iTunes today.

Blood pressure 

Why can't you be more like your older brother? 
Why can't you?.....oooo
Blood pressure

Why can't you do a little more for Jesus? 
Why can't you.....oooo
Blood pressure


Blood pressure
Do better 
Keep rising
Blood pressure

You're on the road, on the road that's bound for nowhere. 
Why don't you do what your told
Blood pressure

Don't worry I'll help you out on one condition
Be more
Do more
Check your blood pressure


Blood pressure
Do better 
Keep rising
Blood pressure

Blood pressure
Do better 
Keep rising
Blood pressure

Blood pressure
More better 
Keep rising

Blood pressure

ODD SOUL - In Pieces

If you are as big of a MUTEMATH fan as I am, then you are fully aware that their latest LP, "ODD SOUL" is scheduled to be released on October 4, 2011.

The word I've been hearing for the last few months is. . . this is going to be THE ALBUM that will make MM a household name!!
Although. . . they've been a household name in my house from the beginning!

I predicted back in 2005 they would be making the late night talk show circuit and not too long after. . . it all happened. . . from Craig Ferguson to Letterman!!

Mark my words, folks. . . SNL is just around the corner!!!!

If you are an Adam LaClave fan, then you'll recognize the coined term "odd soul," which Adam used to describe the combination of soul music and glam rock he created with friend, Jonathan Allen as "Club of the Sons."

And can I just interject that COTS' release of "Young Quanta" is pure genius??
I absolutely LOVE this album!!!! (alittle plug: if you're inte…

AI 2011 Tour Rocks Seattle/Everett!

It was an amazing night for those who attended American Idol’s tour of the final 11!

Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina, Jacob Lusk, Casey Abrams, Thia Megia, Paul McDonald, Haley Reinhart, James Durbin, Stefano Langone, Naima Adedapo and of course the winner of AI 2011; Scotty McCreery performed to a sold out crowd and did not disappoint!!

The 2nd stop on their tour here in Washington had a few kinks in it, but none that were too noticeable.

Staging is simple with backdrops changing with the songs.
Sound was GREAT!!

Everyone gave it their all and sound so much better live.
I was truly impressed!!

Thanks to "mjsbigblog" for posting the set list, you can check it out here

Favorite moments for me were, of course, Casey’s set singing “Smooth” by Rob Thomas and Santana, “Moanin” with Haley, and "Harder to Breath" by Maroon 5. I loved his rendition of “Smooth,” standing at the top of the stage with his bass, singing jazzy slow and smooth!!! It was very nice. Definitely can see Case…

The Rhinestone Cowboy is Taking His Last Ride

These are the kind of press releases I don't like to recieve










Surfdog Records has announced the upcoming release of Ghost On The Canvas, the remarkable new album from the legendary Glen Campbell. The album - which marks the iconic singer/guitarist/songwriter's final studio recording - arrives everywhere on August 30th.

Ghost On The Canvas sees Campbell capping his brilliant career with one of his most moving and energized works to date, a powerfully emotional song cycle tha…

Andrew Allen on Life, Love and Everything in Between

Epic recording artist, Andrew Allen has been pretty busy these days with recording a new album, writing songs for other artists, doing an acoustic tour AND preparing a summer tour starting this month.

His song, “Loving You Tonight,” topped the Canadian radio charts for more than 22 weeks!! And most recently, Andrew has been nominated for a Canadian Radio Music Award. Pretty cool for this native Vancouver boy!

On the U.S. side, he isn’t doing too badly here either!! “Loving You Tonight,” is doing very well on the top 40 stations, like my Seattle station Star 101.5. As well as being released as an EP, it can also be found on the "NOW (That’s What I Call Music!) 37 CD."

Recently, with drummer Nate Lotz, Andrew graced us with an acoustic set at The Renaissance Seattle Hotel sponsored by Star 101.5, Sony Music and the hotel.

I personally had never heard of Andrew but was invited by a good friend to see his set. SO GLAD I took her up on the offer.

The one thing I noticed about And…

Hold On cuz Peter Furler is ON FIRE!!

I truly love my job!!

I love, Love, LOVE listening to music!

AND I love giving my opinions & thoughts on what I’ve been listening to!
So here I am again. . . sharing a truly solid piece of work with all of you!!

“On Fire” by Peter Furler

Does that name sound familiar? It might if you’ve been a fan of The Newsboys.

I’ve been a fan of The Newsboys for a number of years. I’ve seen them perform a couple of times and have been blown away by their performances. So I was looking forward to listening to this new album by former frontman, Peter Furler.

Peter is working with some of music’s BEST people, plus this is also a family affair with his wife and father lending their talents to some of the tracks!

Here’s the track list:
1. I’m Alive
2. Reach
3. Glory To The King
4. Never Ending Love Song
5. Matter Of Faith
6. All In Your Head
7. Closer (Featuring Steve Taylor and Some Other Band)
8. Faster And Louder
9. Psalm 23
10. Hold On
11. Greater Is He (Featuring Phil Joel and Bill Furler)

As I mentioned above, …