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Leigh Nash Infuses the Sacred Songs of Old

Being Hispanic, I didn't grow up with hymns. I personally didn't know any until much later into my adulthood. I've come to find that they are very comforting, especially in seasons of difficulty and struggle. I would go as far as to say they are a comfort food like "mashed potatoes" or "bread pudding." Okay. . .well. . . those are MY comfort foods of choice!! : ) Hymns & Sacred Songs , the first of 3 projects by Leigh Nash , is my bread pudding ; ) This album is comfort food for the ears and heart, while quieting down the storms of the mind. As always, Leigh has that angelic sound to her voice! It's so soothing. Her harmonies are so gentle, yet so tight in their form. . . .beautiful! Musically, this album is amazing, having that sound of a T-Bone Burnett production. It almost reminds me of "Raising Sand" by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. John Hartley, who did a fantastic job in producing this album is also kn

Sam & Jonah. . .say "I Believe!"

SAM & JONAH. . . REMEMBER THESE TWO NAMES!! I don’t personally know these boys, which I think makes this review even better for me to write. I saw them about a year and half ago at my daughter’s piano recital. On top of performing the piano pieces assigned to them, the students are encouraged to write their own compositions and perform them. My daughter, then 11, could care less about writing her piece!! HA!! Which was fine with me. : ) But there were two little boys, who took it seriously and it showed. When they performed, I was blown away. . . and so was everyone at that recital! Writing the songs for the recital, Jonah, who is passionate about his faith, also realized he had a passion for songwriting. Soon after, with the encouragement of drummer, teacher, Wade Reeves, recording began. The finished product “Sam & Jonah Music” is an 11 song album soon to be released. The tracklist is: You Saved Us Cause of Jesus Christ Lord I Give you My H