Monday, August 23, 2010


Most radio stations today all seem the same as far as I'm concern. Even some of the L.A. stations that had a great influence on my musical tastes as I was growing up, have lost their lustre in my ears.

I suppose I am so old school, yearning for AM Radio every now and then. Well I happen to live in area where that need can be fulfilled.

Seems there is this small radio station off the beaten path of Seattle in a VERY small area called Covington, WA that has found the secret of playing the songs of the past. But it's more than that, they are playing the songs that made the biggest impression of someone like me, who grew up in Los Angeles & Palm Springs, California.

And they know how to stir up the mix!!! That's what blows me away!! They've managed to pull out songs that even I, haven't heard in years. Not even KRTH 101, L.A. isn't spinning some of the 45's Covington's KMCQ is playing!

Last year, about this time, there seemed to be problems with the station, and from what I found on the net, if someone didn't showup, the station was dead. But when someone WAS there, the mix was AMAZING!!! It also seemed the station had an issue of interferring with another local high school station or vice versa. But everything has worked out!! Thank Goodness.

It was last year, that I tried looking up any info, they didn't even have a website to refer to. But that all seems to have changed. KMCQ has a website and they say "Get ready for non stop hits! Seriously, we only play good music!" And they are not kidding!!

Today I heard stuff I hadn't heard in years, such as "Help Me Make It Through The Night" by Sammi Smith to "Up In A Puff of Smoke" by Polly Brown. I was in my element!! My kids are AMAZED that I can sing along to songs they've never heard or ever heard me play. I wanna know who this program director is, cuz they know what they are doing!!

I am not the only one who feels this way. Friends young and older than me, love this station. After listening today, I thought, "wouldn't it be great if KMCQ were broadcasting on the net?

I checked out the website and lo, and behold, I see they are planning to do just that!!

Keep your eyes out on this station. If you have a love for the music of the 60's & 70's, regardless of genre, you are going to love KMCQ

February 15, 2012
KMCQ is now streaming online!!! So check them out!!


Spin That 45 on Facebook

It been a long time coming, as I've been driving some of family and friends crazy with the amount of videos I post on my personal Facebook page.

On the other hand, because of the videos I post and because of my blog, it's time that "Spin That 45" has it's own page.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


How do you describe the feeling of seeing someone like Michael Ruff??

Or hearing the gorgeous sultry voice of his beautiful daughter,
Olivia Ruff?

Or watching someone like James Harrah, on guitar, taking command with one of his "sexy solos?"

Or hearing someone like Sr. Marco Mendoza funk off on his base?

All driven by the precision and funk of Joey Heredia!!!

How do you describe the feeling of being in the LEGENDARY Baked Potato??

How do you describe it????

TURN IT UP . . . .

GET UP . . .


That is how I felt being there for the two nights when Michael Ruff appeared with his friends and family!! How ANYONE could just sit there and watch, was beyond me. Then again, I was wasn't watching anyone, because I was standing at the bar, MOVING like a crazy woman!!! HAHAHAHA!!! And when you watch the videos I'll be posting, you'll understand why I stood at the bar!!

I had to move!!!

I had to clap my hands!! .

I had to "sang!!!"

Michael and the gang exuded SO much energy even with those smooth, sexy ballads!!

I taped both nights and trying to choose the best ones is torture, because to me, they are ALL good!!!

I plan on posting pictures from that night, but these videos are just too good to keep from you!!

So here are a few.
I'll post more as I get them edited and compressed.



This song is so great!! We were havin' CHURCH at The Baked Potato!!
I love that Michael is not ashamed to express his love of Jesus!
And he did!! Right there in front of us and we loved it!!!




I have to say that Olivia is AMAZING!! At 18 or 19 years of age she sings like a seasoned performer. And why not? Her father is Michael Ruff. She sings seasoned, but she still possesses such an innocence, which is so refreshing when you look at today's artists, who think it's all about the bling, the bubbly & the "flow."
Olivia Ruff. . . we'll be hearing about her for A LONG TIME!!


The interaction, the spontaneity and zaniness of this group of people makes it so much fun to watch them all the more. Michael is SICK on the keys!! He is so amazing!!! EVERYONE is having a good time!! Olivia is totally into it and yet, she's probably heard these songs over and over and yet you can see she is lost in the moment. I LOVE IT!!!

At about the 6 minute point, there is just SOMETHING about Joey, Marco & James. . . MAN!! I am lost in the groove!!! James guitar is singing with Joey's Kit and Marco is driving us with his sexy moves on his bass!!
Ay, ay, ay!! Me gusta mas!! I love it!!

Then at about 8 mins it's Marco singing with his bass!! Well it's more like a mumble/scat. But it is SICK & super intense!!!

The ending takes about another min or so, with Joey, James, Marco embracing in a sweet competition to what I liken a basketball game.
You can't help but wanna jump in, too!!

You have GOT to turn this one UP!!!

Keep that volume right there!!



Can you dig it!? This song is so, so smooth. I just want to get up and "swang" and sway to the groove Michael & his friends are laying down. And of course James is "laying down one of his sexy solos!" And Marco is bringing us home with the FUNK and nothing but the funk in his vocals!! DANG!! He is so cool!!
Olivia BELTS!! She is fantastic!! Joey makes me laugh!!

This couple here were so sweet! This gentleman next to Michael, is a huge fan of his!! So much so, that while he was engaged to his wife, he, not being musically trained, had someone teach him "More Than You'll Ever Know, " secretly after work!! It took for 4 months!! But he learned it and surprised her on their wedding day by playing and singing the song to her. Unfortunately, I ran out of space on my cards of that Saturday's performance. It was beautiful. But here is Michael singing "More Than You'll Ever Know " the night before.


What can I say about Michael!? He is a man after God's own heart!! He LOVES and ADORES his family. And it shows!! He does a mean "Alistair Begg" impersonation, too!! I enjoyed meeting and talking with him and being exhorted by him! HA!! Thank You Michael for speaking truth into my heart and praising Jesus with your music!!

I never expected to meet Snuffy Walden, that Friday night. It was so neat! He was there to see Michael, yet he didn't expect to see my friend, Tony Patler there too. These guys, Michael, Tony & Snuffy all worked together as part of Chaka Kahn's band back in mid-80's. Snuffy was also a guitarist on Stevie's "Songs In The Key Of Life!" Yet these were not the things that excited me. MY EXCITMENT was that I got the chance to tell Snuffy about this out of print album I had that Michael had written songs for and recorded. Snuffy was on that album. It's a treasure to me!! Snuffy was so nice to me. What a pleasure it was to meet him!
Side note on Snuffy: Aside from being an amazing musician, Snuffy has become quite renown for composing music for television shows. You may have heard of some of them. . . thirtysomething, Roseanne, The George Lopez Show, The West Wing & The Wonder Years, to name a few.

Marco has it 'goin' on!' What an amazing talent and a very nice guy!! I loved that he spoke to me in Spanish. My Spanish is horrible, but I worked it, none the less. Yet, he's just as much "Californian" as I am!!

When I found out that James Harrah had also been on my favorite "out of print" album, I just about fell over!! I knew Michael & Snuffy had been on it, but Michael told me that evening that James, too had been on the album!! WOW!! Now I wished I'd had the album with me in L.A. Oh well. . . . James is amazing!!! I loved his sexy solos!!! ; )

A HUGE unexpected highlight was meeting Justin Randi, whose father, Don Randi, opened The Baked Potato in 1970. Don Randi was also part of the infamous "Wrecking Crew," session musicians. Their story has been docuemented into a movie Check out their website!!
It was such a pleasure to meet and talk with Justin. He really made me feel at home.
Isn't he a hottie!?!?

After Saturday's show with one of my oldest friends!

If you don't recognize his name, you'll for sure have heard his music. Michael has written for Chaka Kahn, Bonnie Raitt's "Nick Of Time" album. "Cry On my Shoulders" was a huge hit. All you gotta do is search his name on the internet and you'll be flooded with his music.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Adam. . . . meet Charlie Blacksmoke

To say that I am a fan of Adam LaClave is an understatement.
Adam's music is like a drug to me. . . I am addicted to him. And when I need a fix, I want the effect to last ALL DAY!!!

His words penetrate the very depths of my soul, cliché, I know. . . but true.

I've been following Adam and his friends since they were together as "Earthsuit." I even had the privilege of seeing Earthsuit perform live. It is a evening that I hold precious to my heart, like when I saw The Split Enz back in 1982.

Earthsuit's LP is a staple on my iPod, as well as Adam's longtime friends who went off to form Mutemath, which Adam has been a contributor, either in writing and or performing.

The music world took notice of Adam La Clave after Earthsuit, when Adam put together MACROSICK. Unfortunately, it was not to last as MACROSICK got lost in the shuffle of changes within the industry.

Reading what Adam had to say about that season in his life, in his blog, caused ill feelings as well as other life situations, including "Katrina." Adam calls his endeavor after MACROSICK, his reactionary "f" you/middle finger/Imma do me project. Well, "they" (and I don't know who 'they' are) say that through pain come the best songs!!

I believe we all have a soundtrack to our lives.
I think "Young Quanta" is Adam's.

When Adam released "Young Quanta" in the fall of 2009 under the name of "Club of The Sons," I couldn't wait to hear it, espe since I had heard a few of the songs off of his myspace site well before the release. I couldn't believe how FANTASTIC these songs were. To me, the album was worth the wait!!!

The groove of his music and lyrics have somewhat of a sensual tone to them and an effect on me, much like Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" LP or Minnie Riperton's "Adventures In Paradise." He's got it goin' on!!!

It's hard to say what style of music it is. One blogsite's label is "modern psych-funk-soul-jams" To that, I would add NewWave/Punk/R&B. . . Can you say, "FUNK BROTHAS!?!?"

Listening to this album, I hear Stevie, Bowie, Marvin, Devo, Bootsy, Bird, Roxy Music, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Bloodstone and even Billy Stewart. Bottom line, Adam has an "old soul." An old soul needing to release itself using today & yesterday's technology, alot like my favorite band from Venezuela, "Los Amigos Invisibles."

With Club of The Sons, Adam takes everything he's grown up with, heard, been around (since he is from one of the greatest music meccas of the world), takes it all in and mixes it all up, breaking the mold of how music should be heard. In my opinion, he's a genius! He hears music in a way that the majority cannot.

Listening to it over and over and then over again, I can't help but feel that he is singing about me, e.g. "Don't Buy Me A Wolf No More," "A Taste For Blood," "Triggers While You Sleep," . . . . "I tried to wake up, but you were in somebody’s eyes” penetrates me to chills!!

I am listening to "A Taste For Blood" as I am blogging this, finding it difficult to type without groovin to the rhythm. Man, this song is just too incredible for words!!! Not knowing the background of the song, I can hear pain, deep hurt, the deepest of hurts. . . . from one who was vulnerable and allowed themselves to "feel," exposing the inner part that few have access to, only to find themselves later betrayed & used . . . I can relate to this on so many different levels. All this!!!!. . . . wrapped up in a very "Bowie/Minnie Riperton funk, soul mix.

The general public, the average listener does not want genius, tho. . . they don't understand genius. So many wonderful artists of the past have been misunderstood and were not given the recognition they deserved until they were either old or gone from this world. I think this is also true of some of today's true genius artists.

Although this album may never be heard on any top 40 radio station, I could hear a couple of the tracks being played on L.A.'s R&B soul station, KJLH. That's "my" fantasy, anyways!! ; ) In the meantime, YQ is on my iPod, on my computer and in my car.

So. . . with all this being said. . . it turns out that Adam has made a life changing decision that whether he realizes it or not, will affect those who have been long admirers or wished they had been in the "know" of Adam's music, but later discovered it.

Adam. . . . meet Charlie Blacksmoke

According to Adam's blog; Charlie Blacksmoke, Adam, who through much deliberation, has decided to give it another go with his experiment in music. . . . a ten song project with the name "Charlie Blacksmoke and the Binary Cosmic Deadline." One song being released every month, beginning 10/10/10. Depending on how the project goes, on 11/11/11, he will then decide whether he will release any future records.

For me, this is a bittersweet decision, as I know I will miss hearing from Adam. But I understand why Adam is doing this and from what I have read, he did not come to this decision easily.

I am looking forward to receiving a song a month from "Charlie Blacksmoke and the Binary Cosmic Deadline." I know I will NOT be disappointed.

If you haven't heard "Young Quanta," you are in luck!! Adam/Charlie Blacksmoke/Club of The Sons has made it available to download. . . . FREE!!
Don't pass this offer up!!! You'd be a fool!!!

My prayers are with Adam. He is an amazing artist!! I met him years ago and was not only impressed by his talent, but his sweet manners as well! And I'm sure the road he has had to hoe has been filled with rocks & dry dirt. After a while, a person can get weary. And it seems through it all, Adam has come through it well and feeling hopeful.

And that can't be bad. Infact. . . .it encourages me!!

Many blessings to you, Charlie Blacksmoke! ; )

Postscript: Check out another fan's blog. There are videos of Earthsuit, Macrosick, Club of The Sons & a "Protoype" if you will of what is to come from Charlie Blacksmoke: The Evolution of Adam LaClave