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Mylon Le Fevre Talks Rock and Roll, Drugs, Elvis and Jesus in New Autobiography from Heritage Builders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 23, 2013   (CLOVIS, California) -- Heritage Builders is proud to announce the release of Mylon Le Fevre’s autobiography, "Live Forever." With help from his wife Christi, the GRAMMY and Dove Award winner is telling his own story, for the very first time, in this exciting new book which is available now wherever books are sold. “When I was 17, Elvis Presley recorded a song I wrote and from then on my life was a whirlwind ride of a rock and roll fantasy that you couldn’t make up if you tried,” says Le Fevre. “This is my story. From playing stadiums, coliseums and getting high with some of the biggest rock stars in the world to being strung out on heroin and cocaine and trapped in a seemingly hopeless pit of depression and loneliness, its all here, the good, bad and the ugly. I did finally find what I was looking for, but it wasn’t in drugs, money or fame. I found God.” Le Fevre was just 17 years old and in the Army when he wrote his first song

I felt like a teenager at the Paul McCartney Show!

You may not know this, but I also write for a local online streaming radio station. It's Vinyl Radio . The address is My latest article is on my review of Sir Paul McCartney baptizing Seattle Mariner's Safeco Field! What an amazing concert! I screamed like a teenager!! : ) The review is here  

Mirza Zaza es Caramelo del Los Oídos (Ear Candy)

It's always exciting for me to hear new music, especially when it's in my native language of Spanish, which unfortunately, I do not speak very well. But I love listening to it. Had an opportunity to listen to something that turned my head around from a group of guys out of Benidorm, Spain. Mirza Zaza Their upcoming EP, " ATLAS " which is due to be released July 22nd is a must hear!   Let me introduce the band. They are: Jordi Cantó on Bass Jorge Garcia on Drums / Vocals Josema Torrente on Lead Vocals Nando Díaz on Guitar / Vocals Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas of alternative rock group; MUTEMATH was the producer of "ATLAS."   In fact, Roy did more than produce this project. He programmed, wrote, engineered, and played on it. Being a long time fan of MUTEMATH, I could tell that this had a MUTEMATH flavor to it. But don't expect it to be a MUTEMATH clone. This EP stands on it's own. The band released a promo video