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"Time Keeps Ticking By"
by Robert Taylor 1975

So this 45 I haven't seen since high school. Some neighbor girls I was friends with had a brother who played bass on this record. They loaned this 45 to me. Unfortunately I never returned it. I met their brother a few years later, while working at the phone company. He was still playing bass and asked me to join his band. Recently found a copy on ebay. . . selling for 144.00. . . WOW!!!!

Ranchera Norteños

Because I am Mexican-American, my early childhood is filled with the memories of corridos norteños, rancheras, cumbias, boleros and the like. They are very dear to my heart, esp these old 45's I have. The next four I am posting are considered to be Ranchera. "The word ranchera was derived from the word rancho because the songs originated on the ranches and in the countryside of rural Mexico." wikipedia These "rancheras" I have posted are "norteños" or "conjuntos," meaning that what you'll hear most of is the accordian and the bajo sexto, which if you don't know what that is, it's a kind of classical 12 string guitar, "fused" with a bass sound to it. These 45's are by Los Tigres Del Norte, recorded in 1970. Their first album was on the "Discos FAMA Records" located in San Jose, CA, I believe, now out of print. Mi tia, my auntie, who lived in San Jose, sang and recorded with them in those early days and it th

"Por La Carretera" de
La Comparsa Universitaria De 'La Laguna'

Hearing this for the first time recently, brought me back to 1972, 11 years old with a passion for music. I'd never forgotten the basic premise of the tune, but could never convey how it truly went, only knowing that I had to have it. . . begging my mom to let me look and my sister to search for it whenever she would visit them. My dream came true and now I'll never forget! The quality is horrible!! It's been played and overplayed. But isn't that what my blog is all about? iSalud!

My place to share my 45's with you!

So, recently, my sister, in visiting my mom and my dad's house, began going through a closet where they kept all the records Lps, 78's 45's, 8 track tapes and cassettes. Some of these records have been in my family for 40, 50 years & longer. There was ONE I had been searching for since around the 1980's. But even if I had ever found it, my mom would never let me have it. But my sister, well my sister has a way. . . And she began going through all the 45's, convincing my mom that I should have them, because I could "record them onto the computer," speaking as so to help my mom understand what "digitizing" meant. So my mom let her have them. And onto me. . . they arrived. What a blast I had in going through and reliving my childhood with these treasures. Holding some I hadn't seen since I was 5, 6 years old. Remembering them as they spun around and around on the stereo, the labels and the smell of the vinyl. So. . . I knew I couldn't