Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mornin' by Rene & Rene

Rene & Rene or aka René Y René are a band from South Texas but growing up with their music I had thought they were an East L.A. band.

With their soft ranchera sound, their songs were a staple with los pachucos with their rucas in one arm and the other hanging, stationary to their side, swaying to songs such as "Lo Mucho que Te Quiero (The More I Love You)," and "Mienteme."

I have memories of my mom singing Mienteme with that look in her eyes thinking about the love of her life. It brings chills just thinking about it now.

To me, I find it sad that René Y René are listed as a "One Hit Wonder" because they definitely were not a one hit wonder.
With their flexibility in playing any style, they proved they could not only write beautiful love songs, but songs to dance to like "Angelito" where a soft "cha cha cha" would be inorder.
Can you say "la fiesta con la familia y amigos todos!!?"

Although René Ornelas y René Herrera were not brothers, there is a duo who make me feel like I am listening to René Y René. They are The Gutierrez Brothers and they are brothers. Check em out!

In this song I'm posting, "Mornin' " you can't help but think of "Gerry & the Pacemakers" meets "Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass." Close your eyes and you just might be taken back to a movie interlude where two lovers in this 60's movie are walking through a meadow of tall grass. She's wearing a yellow dress with white daisies and he's handing her a bouquet of "forget-me-nots." While the soundtrack plays, they gaze into one another's eyes as she holds the flowers close to her face and breaks out into a child-like smile and laugh. So 60's!!!

Enjoy the song!!!