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LO'S ALBUM OF THE YEAR PICK - “Soul Side of Town” by Tower of Power

  Originally featured on Inside MusiCast “Soul Side of Town” by Tower of Power has lived up to my standard of “being able to listen to an album from beginning to the end and then start over again”. In fact, one day while working three hours in my yard, I only listened to this album, over and over. And, with each play rotation, I was slowly drawn deeper and deeper into the vocals, the musicianship, the energy and most of all, the SOUL. It’s hard to identify which tracks I like the best. As I listened closely to each track, I literally would say to myself, “wait, I love this one, too!!” Outgoing ToP vocalist, Ray Greene (to Santana), makes an appearance on “Soul Side of Town” and is great, but I have to say, that “youngin’” Marcus Scott has truly grown into his own since joining ToP. I swear. he has one old funky soul. The kid is DYN-O-MITE! I give an honorable track mention to the “Selah.” Here, Emilio Castillo soulfully shares his past, faith and heart. He speaks of being “bound and de

Steve Lukather of Toto Tells The Story of Love in His Book; "The Gospel According To Luke"

I have had this book for more than a month before it's release in September. Why wait so long to post my review if I've had the book so long??? As I got toward the last few chapters, the book being so good, I haven't wanted to finish it!! Plus, I found myself listening to the recordings Luke played on as well as recordings he talks about done by other artists that he loved and admired. That all took time! "The Gospel According To Luke" with Paul Rees by Simon & Schuster, is an autobiography by Toto's co-founding member; guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Lukather. Released at the same time that Toto toured this summer celebrating their 40 years together, it is more than what fans may expect. In fact, it's more than I expected! I consider myself to be a long time fan of Toto. Growing up in the California desert of Palm Springs in the 1970's, my friends and I would cruise along Palm Canyon Drive blasting our favorite Toto tunes; scre

LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "That's Not Me" by Michael Ruff

  Originally featured in Inside MusiCast Although I've known the names Michael Ruff and  W.G. Snuffy Walden  since around 1984, it would be several years before I met either of them. I take that back. . . I did meet both of them when they played a cool hot spot for music in Santa Monica called "At My Place." That would have been in 1985. How I came to know of these two great gentlemen is from a good friend of mine and schoolmate, phenom keyboardist; Anthony Patler, who had gotten a gig with the Chaka Khan band in 1984. The band also included Jimmy Haslip and Vinnie Colaiuta. I've followed their careers and have been very proud of their accomplishments in not only their professional lives but personal. My focus on today's pick, is the rockin and soulful playing of the one and only Snuffy Walden. The thing that has always impressed me of Michael's recordings and performances is what he requires of those in his band. He demands the best from each of them. And the

LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "Then You Smile At Me" by Bill Withers

  Originally featured on Inside MusiCast Last week, legendary drummer  Alvin Taylor  was honored by the City of Palm Springs, California and the Palm Springs Walk of Stars with a star in his name for his contributions to music. There may be some who aren't familiar with Alvin's name but definitely are familiar with the tunes he played on. Back in the early 60's when Little Richard and a young Billy Preston were visiting the desert, Little Richard heard the young teenage Alvin play in Palm Springs and his response was "Oh, my God, honey, when I saw you playing the drums, my big toe shot straight up in my boot! Oooh, I wanted to scream like a white lady!' He continued with "Honey, I ain't heard a drummer like you since I left Macon, Georgia." Alvin went on to tour with Little Richard, as well as tour & record with Billy Preston, Eric Burdon & Animals, Pacific, Gas & Electric, Barry White, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Welch, George Harrison, Leo Sayer,