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LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - Adventures In Paradise by Minnie Riperton

                       Originally featured on Inside MusiCast This has to be one of my favorite songs ever! From the album of the same name, it was arranged & conducted by  Larry Carlton . Written by Minnie, her husband Richard Rudolph & Joe Sample, featured the finest in personnel: Bass – Ed Brown, Guitar – Dean Parks & Larry, Drums / Percussion – Jim Gordon, Sid Sharp - strings, Keyboards – Joe Sample, Tom Scott & Jim Horn on horns. What an incredible lineup! Released in the 1975 as the follow-up to her 1974 album; "Perfect Angel," it's evident that Minnie had grown as an artist and songwriter, but you can totally hear the influences of Larry Carlton in his arrangement on this song as well as the entire album. It's Soulful Smooth Jazz with the Funk thrown in for spice. I love Minnie. . . so much! Her vocal gymnastics are over the top incredible, but I really wish I could find an instrumental on this. The music is off the hook! I love every facet of t

LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "How Much Love" - Leo Sayer

Originally featured on Inside MusiCast This FUNKY song from Leo Sayer was track #3 on Side B of his 1976 "Endless Flight" LP and released as a single in late 1977. Co-written with Barry Mann, this song is all dance and feeling good. The personnel is off the chart... Bass – Chuck Rainey Drums – Steve Gadd Lead Guitar – Ray Parker Jr. Percussion – Bobbye Hall Porter Piano – Richard Tee Rhythm Guitar –  Larry Carlton  who I just happen to see a few days ago. And arranged By [Strings], Conductor – Gene Page From the moment this song begins, it's a journey of Soft Rock, Pop, Disco with some great moments of funk. Our power is off today. And Yinka suggested we spend the time singing!! Ha! So my daughter and I were in the car running errands when this song came on the radio and I had been mulling over what to choose for today's "Pick." She's 18 and totally loves this song and Leo. So what do we do!? We start singing along! With the radio up loud and we both gro