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MUTEMATH has struck gold once again!!!

And from what I've read & heard, striking gold has had it's price. Alot of blood, sweat & tears went into this project and it shows. The LP is due out August 18th, just a few days from now. I've had the privilege of listening to "Armistice" from beginning to end. I seriously thought my ears were going to go insane by the various sounds I was treated to. This is not a review, just a plug for a band I've been following from the beginning, particularly Paul Meany (vocals, keys & percussion) & Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (bass, vocals & percussion) from their previous band and have seen these guys grow and mature in their writing and musical style. I am compelled, tho, to tell you that track 3 "Clipping" has enraptured me. For days, I'd been trying to figure what it was that was stirred up inside of me from the moment it began and tonight I figured it out. . . INTOXICATION. Wikipedia says that "Intoxication is the state of b