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Bryan Duncan: takin' his Stories on The Road

Bryan Duncan... The name is synonymous with Contemporary Christian Music. In my opinion, that has been a good AND bad thing because he's more than that. Bryan is probably one of the most talented musicians in his field as a "blue-eyed soul" artist. In the mid 70's he was part of The Sweet Comfort Band and then broke out on his own in the mid-80's. His style of music runs deeps from pop to blues and everything in between. He can pierce the deepest part of us with that beautiful voice of his. The songs that this singer/songwriter was puttin' out encouraged so many of us. Who hasn't been touched by "Strollin On The Water" "Blue Skies" or "Love Takes Time?" It is said that the best music comes from those who have bled through the process. I would say that describes Bryan Duncan. These great works of blue-eyed soul haven't come easily. There has definitely been a price. The main price. . .addiction. But hey. . .we've all ha

Aaron Keyes is "Dwelling"

I'm listening to a new guy. . . Aaron Keyes. Well, he's a new guy in my world ; ) He's a worship leader out of Snellville, GA. His latest release is his second album, " Dwell ." I don't mind saying that sometimes I have a hard time with "worship" type albums. There are very few that I can listen to all the way through. Maybe a song or two. And it isn't because of the lyrics. It's worship for heaven sakes!! HA!! If the music doesn't do anything for me then I won't be interested. But. . . I have to say, I am really impressed by this one. This is a very solid album with some "popness" added to the mix! Especially the last track "Lavish Your Love." Very synthpop!! I have no idea who Aaron is, but I would love to attend his worship service! Not only is the worship great, but the music is really good!!! Love how Hillsong drummer, Paul Mabury hits those drums!! WOW!! Take a listen to "I Am Not The Same," it'