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LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "Love Takes Time" by Bryan Duncan

Originally featured on Inside MusiCast Neho Soul's Bryan Duncan has one of the funkiest voices in the industry. If the listener were to look up the definition of "Blue Eyed-Soul," Bryan's name would be at the top. He can pierce the deepest part of us with that beautiful voice of his. This track and album feature the best in the biz, People!! Keys; Michael Omartian, Robbie Buchanan, Vienna's Peter Wolf and Alan Pasqua on the B3. BVG's; Alexis England, Darrell Brown, (Ambrosia's) David Pack, Leslie Smith (wrote Minute by Minute with Michael McDonald), Bassist; Neil Stubenhaus, Horns; Bill Reichenbach, Dan Higgins, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Guitars; mostly Glenn Pearce w/Paul Jackson Jr. adding here and there. John Robinson on Drums and Mike Fisher on Percussion. And let's not forget the great people who produce, engineer, mix & master: Producer – Dan Posthuma Engineer – Mike Mierau Engineer [2nd] – Slamm Andrews Engineer [Additional] – Al Phillips, Paul