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Sista Jean & C.B. have gone Back To The Root

The first thing that comes to mind as I listen to "Back To The Root" is, a hot, sunny day, a pitcher of ice cold lemonade and a porch filled with some good ol'Roots music. And who's supplying the music? Well it can only be Sista Jean & C.B. !!! Who's that??? Is that what you're asking? Well, Sista Jean is none other than Miss Jean McClain, one of the best vocalists I know of who has toured with one of my favorite artists; Bobby Caldwell. You might also know Jean as Urban/Soul & House music artist, Pepper MaShay And C.B. is guitarist extraordinaire, Carlyle Barriteau , who also tours with Bobby Caldwell as well as being a solo artist in his own right. From the moment you start to listen, you're taken on a trip of roots, blues and gospel. You'll think you're listening to classics of old, but all the songs are original. A huge thumbs up for that!! Jean's vocals are classic, robust and deeply soulful. And I didn&#

Joe Choi is "Ahhhhhhh" . . . like a SPA!

I so wish that Seattle still had their smooth jazz station out here, because I know I'd be hearing Joe Choi on that station. His music is soothing, ambient and yet has a bit of hipness to it. . .with a cherry on top!! This "local" musician is not your average coffee house guy! Not that there is anything wrong with that. . . I love that scene. But Joe is Ahhhhhhh . . . like a SPA!!! Okay. . . this is so TMI. . . but as I'm listening to Joe's album, I am getting this picture of having a spa party and instead of playing Joe's album on my stereo, I have Joe HIMSELF playing LIVE!!! HA!!! THAT IS WHAT JOE IS!!!! HA!!!! I mean. . . Ahhhhhhh... What album am I referring to? I'm talking about Joe's latest release. . . “Sing Your Own Song: Volume One.” Funny thing is. . .there aren't any lyrics to sing to! HA!! It's all instrumental! What started out as a dream about Joe's daughter who was 2 at the time, has become a reality to take us,