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Watch out! Sara Niemietz is DANGEROUS!

Last year about this time, the world started taking notice of this up and coming teen with a voice like a seasoned blues/jazz singer. Posting her videos on YouTube, she began developing a nice fan base, one of them being Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen invited this teenager to sing on her show and blew EVERYONE away!!! I blogged it here.

Recently, Sara has been puttin out the funk in the San Fernando Valley's "Cafe Cordiale" as part of a righteous group called "Babylon Social Club," featuring some of music's finest!
Snuffy Walden (Chaka Khan,TV shows "The Gifted Man," "Roseanne," "The George Lopez Show," "The West Wing").
Leslie Smith, singer, songwriter, musician and producer,co-writer of "Minute by Minute!"
Herman Matthews (Tom Jones,Kenny Loggins, Tower of Power, Robin Thicke, Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow and Richard Marx).
Bennett Salvay,(Composer-arranger TV shows "Full House," "Step by Step," …