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Steve Lukather of Toto Tells The Story of Love in His Book; "The Gospel According To Luke"

I have had this book for more than a month before it's release in September. Why wait so long to post my review if I've had the book so long??? As I got toward the last few chapters, the book being so good, I haven't wanted to finish it!! Plus, I found myself listening to the recordings Luke played on as well as recordings he talks about done by other artists that he loved and admired. That all took time! "The Gospel According To Luke" with Paul Rees by Simon & Schuster, is an autobiography by Toto's co-founding member; guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Lukather. Released at the same time that Toto toured this summer celebrating their 40 years together, it is more than what fans may expect. In fact, it's more than I expected! I consider myself to be a long time fan of Toto. Growing up in the California desert of Palm Springs in the 1970's, my friends and I would cruise along Palm Canyon Drive blasting our favorite Toto tunes; scre