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Switchfoot Remixes Vice Verses

On Record Store Day, April 21, GRAMMY-winning rock band SWITCHFOOT will release a limited edition CD entitled Vice Re-Verses a remix album. The Best of the Best worked on this project. The EP features remixes of songs from Vice Verses by Paper Route’s JT Daly, Owl City’s Adam Young, Photek, Darren King and DandJ. JT Daly's two cuts are "The Original" and "Dark Horses." I love how this EP starts off with a BANG!!! You just have to turn this up!!!!! Owl City’s Adam Young remixed "Blinding Light." Totally see this as soundtrack song. Grammy nominated Photek remixes "Selling The News." I really love this one with it's downtempo. It's very smooth. I like all the songs, but right now at this moment, this is my favorite. MUTHMATH'S Darren King took his harddrive of what he calls his "fishing pond of stuff" and worked on "Vice Verses" while on the road. LOVE IT!!! In li