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Visual Flight Rules is Worth While

Sometimes you just wanna bring that bar band sound home. But what to choose..... I've got the perfect choice for you: "What Are You Waiting For" by Visual Flight Rules. And if any of you have followed me here and read my reviews, you know I don't review anything I don't like. This was an easy listen. Visual Flight Rules is Brett Mikels on guitar, vocals, Drummer; Herman Matthews and Michael Mennell on bass and vocals. This EP is packed with the talents of Jason Orme, David Zemen, Dan Rothchild, Larry Kimpel, Vincent Jones, Michael Hyde, Ned Albright, Theresa James and the amazing Bill Champlin of Chicago. Tracklist Earn My Love Love Says So What Are You Waiting For Let It Go Worth While Sweet Thing Brett Mikels tells the stories with that sweet tenor sound that has a hint of Michael Bublé mixed with that Billy Vera and The Beaters sound. The first track, " Earn My Love " gets the party started with some funky blues! Theresa James l