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John Torres' CD Release Party

I went to a CD Release Party tonight. It's not like this was my first, but I have to admit this was definitely the best. The feature artist is friend John Torres . The album being celebrated; "Music After All." Which by the way, sold out at this event!! If you haven't already, check out his Myspace Aside from John doing cuts from his album, there was jamming from the band, friend's of John's. These seasoned musicians included; keyboardist Gary Verrill and guitarist for Kenny G, John Raymond. There was some blues, Gospel, alittle Beatles and even some Motown. You'll forgive me that I didn't know the other fantastic musicians and singers. They were all amazing!! Here's a few of the songs John performed. Check out these impromptu moments; Totally unrehearsed. These are the moments a musician watchin lives for!! A W E S O M E This was my suggestion to the band, actually any Motown song. I didn't realize my voice was being picked up by the camer