Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fitz and The Tantrums Hype Machine Album Premiere & More News



Hype Machine just premiered the new Fitz and the Tantrums album More Than Just A Dream (out May 7th)here.


The band will be performing on the outside stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 8th - if you are in LA and would like to come to the show, click here.

Watch/Share/Embed the video for the band's first single, "Out of My League," HERE.

Upcoming tour dates here.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Seattle's Super Jam puts the Squeeze on at The Triple Door

I've always been a fan of British New Wave, Pop band Squeeze. So it was pretty cool to attend the April 12th show at Seattle's Triple Door of the Squeeze tribute done by some fantastic Seattle musicians going by the name of "Super Jam."

The show was titled, “Super Jam Plays Squeeze” and was presented by Roseta Productions. Super Jam performed Squeeze’s 1982 hit album “Singles 45’s and Under” in it's entirety with a few extras thrown in.

If you are familiar with the Seattle music scene and you were at this event, then you might have recognized everyone in the band. "Super Jam" included members of "Apple Jam," "Lucas Field," and "80s Invasion."

The band members were:
Rick Lovrovich (lead vocals, bass)
Jakael Tristram (lead vocals, guitar)
Shane Peck (drums)
Mark Romanowski (guitar, backing vocals)
Mark Zyla (keyboards)
Back ups were:
Esther Bentson & Cathy Sorbo

There were a few guest performers as well which added to the great night of reflection:
KJR's Bob Rivers of the "Bob Rivers Show" was on keyboards and Cliff Colon on saxophone

First of all, I was overwhelmed by the audience! The place with packed! It was awesome! To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when I got there. It was cool to see the varying ages from young to old-ER : ) Parents bringing their kids to relive the 80's with them, just like I have with my own kids.

From the first song, "Super Jam" DID NOT hold back anything. You could tell they were so excited to be playing for everyone there and for themselves. Guitarist, Jakael Tristram had told me a couple of months back that he was a huge fan of Squeeze and would be doing this show with some great Seattle musicians who also loved Squeeze. So I know that when April 12th arrived, they would get to see the fruit of their labor.

Super Jam played two sets:
Set 1:
I’ve Returned
Separate Beds
Up the Junction
Goodbye Girl
Is That Love?
Annie Get Your Gun
Messed Around

The reaction from the audience was exactly how I felt. . . Super Jam captured the essence of songwriters and members of Squeeze; Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook. If you closed your eyes, you could almost feel like you were back in those days of the 70's & early 80's when Squeeze performed.

Local Seattle artist, Lucas Field of his own band with the same name, came on stage and sang "When the Hangover Strikes" which was AMAZING!!! He was awesome!! I really enjoyed it. But when it came to his singing "Black Coffee in Bed," I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed. There was an iPad in front of the microphone so he could read the lyrics to both songs. And although he sang "When the Hangover Strikes" great with a very natural flow, "Black Coffee in Bed" sounded under rehearsed and a little bit like "Bandaroke." I also felt that the song was a little bit too high for Lucas, which made his voice sound a little pitchy. I believe that the song was better suited to Rick Lovrovich's voice.

Set 1 continued with
Slap and Tickle
Cool For Cats

The band took a break and came out to interact with their audience. It was great! They were glowing and it was obvious they were totally overwhelmed by the love and support shown by everyone. While that was all going on, I did talk with a mother and son sitting next to me and asked them if they were fans of Squeeze. The mother was, but her son really didn't know the music of Squeeze, but was a fan of 80's Pop / New Wave. I asked them how they felt about the show at that point, and they really loved it!

I then turned to a gentleman sitting next to me and asked him what brought him to the show. He said that he was also a fan of 80s pop and wanted to check it out. But I found it humorous that he normally attends operas. So that was pretty cool that he choose to check this out.

So now onto Set 2.....
Take Me I’m Yours
If I Didn’t Love You
In Quintessence
Labelled With Love
Some Fantastic Place
Farfisa Beat
I Can’t Hold On

, written by Paul Carrack who was part of Squeeze for a short time and recorded the 1981 release; "East Side Story" was done well with vocals by Jakael. Trivia....the LP East Side Story was produced by Elvis Costello and Roger Bechirian

The encore was incredible! If I remember correctly, it was "Another Nail in My Heart"
"Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)." I totally loved seeing the audience getting up to dance.

This was one fun evening! I hope that Super Jam decides to do this again. Once was not enough for me.

Thanks to Steven Roseta of Roseta Productions for inviting me to be a part of this.

There's some great footage from the show here.

Super Jam on Facebook

Note: Check out the review on Examiner.com on "Super Jam Plays Squeeze."

Saturday, April 13, 2013

PSY's "Gentlemen M/V" #EpicFail

It pains me to say this!
But at this point, my husband was right when he said that PSY was a one-hit wonder. I said "How can you say that? He is totally famous in his country! There is no way! This guy is unbelievably talented! You just watch the next song is going to be even better than "Gangnam Style!"

PSY's latest single/video "M/V Gentlemen" has finally been released.

Lesson One: Don't try and out do what you did before.

"Gangnam Style" wasn't a great song, but it made history! It was catchy, bouncy and cutting edge as far as it's video work.

I have watched "M/V Gentlemen" several times and cannot believe what I am watching! There is really nothing original about the video. Sure, there isn't a horse or red Mercedes in this one. But he's got the same people that were in his other video, like the yellow suited guy.

I am really disappointed to say the least! I don't know who he is listening to as far as his creative core of people, but I think PSY needs to fire them and start over! I still believe that he is talented, but this video and this song are a total failure. The lyrical content is unimaginative, with it's extreme crude sexual lyrics. (Yes, I looked up the translation).

I cannot even say that the dancing is anything to speak of.
Okay, I understand that with his newly coined dance moves; "Abracadabra," he is paying some kind of homage to KPop girl group "Brown Eyed Girls." But it's not like Brown Eyed Girls own those moves! Shoot....I was doing that back & forth swaying long before the BEG's were even born! And so were my L.A. friends! There isn't anything new under the sun here!

The way he treats women in the video is atrocious! Sure I get it! He's kind of making fun of how some men treat women! His character is saying that he is Gods gift to women with his arrogant, annoying self. Even to the point of being crude where he is sticking his finger in his arse, only to run his finger in front of a girl sitting at the table. I felt like I was watching a movie trailer for the old Problem Child movies, only this would be called "Problem Child: All Grown Up!" Its obvious that he meets his match in a woman he meets at the gym. And yeah, it's funny that he gets a dose of his own medicine with her, but are we selling music here or a video? I think if it's music, then what a terrible song! There is nothing original about the song whatsoever! It's repetitious..... it's stupid!

This video is so bad, I won't even grace my blog by adding the link of the video.

Yes PSY, we know who you are. Just hope it won't be. . . "Remember that guy from Korea with the Hammer pants? Whatever happened to him?"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Christafari's 'Reggae Worship'

April 9, 2013

Christafari's 'Reggae Worship' Jumps to #1 on Billboard Reggae Albums Chart
9 months after being released, album jumps to #1 – making Christafari the first Christian band in Billboard history to top the Reggae chart.

(LOS ANGELES, California) -- Nearly nine months after it was first released, Gospel reggae pioneers Christafari have jumped to #1 on this week’s Billboard Reggae Albums Chart with their latest album, Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival. While Christafari is no stranger to the Top 10 on the Reggae chart, this marks the first time in Billboard’s history that a Christian band has secured the top spot.

On Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival (Lion of Zion Entertainment), Christafari reworks classic hymns, reinterprets many of today's top worship anthems and gives fans a handful of original worship songs that truly capture the band's signature sound.

"We've been blown away by the positive response from our fans and the press for our latest album,” says Christafari’s founder and frontman, Mark Mohr. “To think that just a year ago we were asking our fans to help fund this album and now we are #1 on the Billboard chart! It's an honor to be the very first Christian artist to ever top this mainstream chart—and to do so with a worship album is even more incredible!"

Christafari has spent much of the last year on the road, touring internationally including stops in Fiji, New Caledonia, a month-long tour of Brazil and the United States, including a just completed 24-city Hawaiian island tour that resulted in 531 souls saved. In the coming months, the band will return to Hawaii and Brazil, and perform throughout the continental USA.

The band was recently featured on ABC Family’s The 700 Club, and TBN filmed a live concert appearance in Hawaii for an upcoming special broadcast.

With over a half million albums sold worldwide, Christafari is the all-time top selling Gospel Reggae artist. The band continues to tour worldwide, performing more than 100 shows each year reaching more than 50 countries. For more information, visit www.christafari.com.