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LO'S ALBUM OF THE YEAR PICK - “Soul Side of Town” by Tower of Power

  Originally featured on Inside MusiCast “Soul Side of Town” by Tower of Power has lived up to my standard of “being able to listen to an album from beginning to the end and then start over again”. In fact, one day while working three hours in my yard, I only listened to this album, over and over. And, with each play rotation, I was slowly drawn deeper and deeper into the vocals, the musicianship, the energy and most of all, the SOUL. It’s hard to identify which tracks I like the best. As I listened closely to each track, I literally would say to myself, “wait, I love this one, too!!” Outgoing ToP vocalist, Ray Greene (to Santana), makes an appearance on “Soul Side of Town” and is great, but I have to say, that “youngin’” Marcus Scott has truly grown into his own since joining ToP. I swear. he has one old funky soul. The kid is DYN-O-MITE! I give an honorable track mention to the “Selah.” Here, Emilio Castillo soulfully shares his past, faith and heart. He speaks of being “bound and de