Mornin' by Rene & Rene

Rene & Rene or aka René Y René are a band from South Texas but growing up with their music I had thought they were an East L.A. band.

With their soft ranchera sound, their songs were a staple with los pachucos with their rucas in one arm and the other hanging, stationary to their side, swaying to songs such as "Lo Mucho que Te Quiero (The More I Love You)," and "Mienteme."

I have memories of my mom singing Mienteme with that look in her eyes thinking about the love of her life. It brings chills just thinking about it now.

To me, I find it sad that René Y René are listed as a "One Hit Wonder" because they definitely were not a one hit wonder.
With their flexibility in playing any style, they proved they could not only write beautiful love songs, but songs to dance to like "Angelito" where a soft "cha cha cha" would be inorder.
Can you say "la fiesta con la familia y amigos todos!!?"

Although René Ornelas y René Herrera were not brothers, there is a duo who make me feel like I am listening to René Y René. They are The Gutierrez Brothers and they are brothers. Check em out!

In this song I'm posting, "Mornin' " you can't help but think of "Gerry & the Pacemakers" meets "Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass." Close your eyes and you just might be taken back to a movie interlude where two lovers in this 60's movie are walking through a meadow of tall grass. She's wearing a yellow dress with white daisies and he's handing her a bouquet of "forget-me-nots." While the soundtrack plays, they gaze into one another's eyes as she holds the flowers close to her face and breaks out into a child-like smile and laugh. So 60's!!!

Enjoy the song!!!


AdviceMaven said…
Great song. Gerry and the Pacemakers meet Herb Alpert is a very good assessment of the sound.
Anonymous said…
Did my heart good to run into this link. I wrote Mornin' in 1967, recorded it as Spain and Jason and my friends Rene Ornelas and Rene Herrera picked it up. It was supposed to be the A side, but dj's (and the public) liked Lo Mucho and that became the hit. I later joined the group when Rene Herrera retired in 1972. Worled as half of Rene and Rene until 1979. your asessment of the song is right on. My favorite groups were Peter and Gordon and Chad and Jeremy. The trumpets mariachi influence brings in the Herb Alpert influence.

Jorge A. Ramirez, San Antonio, TX
Loretta said…
Wow, Sr Ramirez, I am so honored to have you visit my blog. Thank you so much for the background info. It's a beautiful song. I would love to hear the Spain and Jason version. Thank you, again for taking the time to comment.
Take care,
jorge a. ramirez said…
Thank you, Loretta--That song was one of the first songs I wrote, right out of college. I got very lucky when the Renes did it. I'll see if I can figure out a way to get a 45 rpm record digitized and send it to you. thanks for the compliments. Sometimes we forget that some of our modest artistic efforts do reach others. Jorge A. Ramirez
Carol said…
Dear Jorge - of course, I knew you as JA back in the days of Jay and Carol. How in the world are you? Hope you read this post and we can visit again.
Mary Alice said…
Hi Jorge.......
I believe the other half of Spain
and Jason was my brother Roberto
(Beto), as he was known. You used
to come to our house, on Market St. and work, and practice on that
song "Morning", on Saturday mornings. I was a very young starry
eyed teen, back then, skinny, and
shy, and my brother, would get after me, when I interrupted practices to talk to you, of whom,
I had a school girl crush on!

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