John Torres' CD Release Party

I went to a CD Release Party tonight. It's not like this was my first, but I have to admit this was definitely the best.

The feature artist is friend John Torres.

The album being celebrated; "Music After All."
Which by the way, sold out at this event!!

If you haven't already, check out his Myspace

Aside from John doing cuts from his album, there was jamming from the band, friend's of John's. These seasoned musicians included; keyboardist Gary Verrill and guitarist for Kenny G, John Raymond. There was some blues, Gospel, alittle Beatles and even some Motown. You'll forgive me that I didn't know the other fantastic musicians and singers. They were all amazing!!

Here's a few of the songs John performed.

Check out these impromptu moments;

Totally unrehearsed.
These are the moments a musician watchin lives for!!

This was my suggestion to the band, actually any Motown song.
I didn't realize my voice was being picked up by the camera.
John and the gal he was singing with were FANTASTIC!!

If you want to hear and see more songs from John, visit his youtube page and stayed tuned for something very special coming in the next couple of months.




AdviceMaven said…
This reminds me that I need to go see some live music. Too bad you're not in my area, I'm sure could suggest all the best places. As always, thanks for sharing these songs.
Fay said…
I have had the pleasure of doing a review of "Spin That 45" and I'm more than happy to inform you that your blog has been added to Blogging Women.

I want to commend you for the fine job you are putting forward with this blog and I'm very honored to add you to our women's blog directory.

Please continue your outstanding work and watch for the monthly blog contest where you can win a spot to have your blog listed in the Featured Blogs section!
Johnny Z said…
Great idea for a blog—wish I had thought of it! Lots of interesting and entertaining info.

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