Most radio stations today all seem the same as far as I'm concern. Even some of the L.A. stations that had a great influence on my musical tastes as I was growing up, have lost their lustre in my ears.

I suppose I am so old school, yearning for AM Radio every now and then. Well I happen to live in area where that need can be fulfilled.

Seems there is this small radio station off the beaten path of Seattle in a VERY small area called Covington, WA that has found the secret of playing the songs of the past. But it's more than that, they are playing the songs that made the biggest impression of someone like me, who grew up in Los Angeles & Palm Springs, California.

And they know how to stir up the mix!!! That's what blows me away!! They've managed to pull out songs that even I, haven't heard in years. Not even KRTH 101, L.A. isn't spinning some of the 45's Covington's KMCQ is playing!

Last year, about this time, there seemed to be problems with the station, and from what I found on the net, if someone didn't showup, the station was dead. But when someone WAS there, the mix was AMAZING!!! It also seemed the station had an issue of interferring with another local high school station or vice versa. But everything has worked out!! Thank Goodness.

It was last year, that I tried looking up any info, they didn't even have a website to refer to. But that all seems to have changed. KMCQ has a website and they say "Get ready for non stop hits! Seriously, we only play good music!" And they are not kidding!!

Today I heard stuff I hadn't heard in years, such as "Help Me Make It Through The Night" by Sammi Smith to "Up In A Puff of Smoke" by Polly Brown. I was in my element!! My kids are AMAZED that I can sing along to songs they've never heard or ever heard me play. I wanna know who this program director is, cuz they know what they are doing!!

I am not the only one who feels this way. Friends young and older than me, love this station. After listening today, I thought, "wouldn't it be great if KMCQ were broadcasting on the net?

I checked out the website and lo, and behold, I see they are planning to do just that!!

Keep your eyes out on this station. If you have a love for the music of the 60's & 70's, regardless of genre, you are going to love KMCQ

February 15, 2012
KMCQ is now streaming online!!! So check them out!!



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