Visual Flight Rules is Worth While

Sometimes you just wanna bring that bar band sound home.

But what to choose.....

I've got the perfect choice for you: "What Are You Waiting For" by Visual Flight Rules.

And if any of you have followed me here and read my reviews, you know I don't review anything I don't like. This was an easy listen.

Visual Flight Rules is Brett Mikels on guitar, vocals, Drummer; Herman Matthews and Michael Mennell on bass and vocals.

This EP is packed with the talents of Jason Orme, David Zemen, Dan Rothchild, Larry Kimpel, Vincent Jones, Michael Hyde, Ned Albright, Theresa James and the amazing Bill Champlin of Chicago.

Earn My Love
Love Says So
What Are You Waiting For
Let It Go
Worth While
Sweet Thing

Brett Mikels tells the stories with that sweet tenor sound that has a hint of Michael Bublé mixed with that Billy Vera and The Beaters sound.

The first track, "Earn My Love" gets the party started with some funky blues! Theresa James lends her sexy vocals, echoing and howling adding to the flavor of this tune.

Love Says So: I can see the video to this being filmed in a Sepia or black and white....nighttime scene, bar...OF COURSE....maybe even an outdoor setting with lots of stringed lights.... guy, girl dancing in that "let's connect" sort of way, with the band playing in the background. The couple seem to be in a world of their own. Very romantic, feel good. I think this is a good radio song.

What Are You Waiting For: Storytelling with some great guitar riffs. Love the feel of Herman's moves on his kit mixed with the sound of the HammondB. The combination is really nice. Man, Herman is a great drummer! Good song with Herman keeping that groove. Nice song.

Let It Go: GREAT INTRO!! I really like this song. The guys set you up with what feels like the objective of the story within the first 30 secords and then Herman gets the tune moving a little more the chorus rocks you out!! This is definitely radio worthy. Solid solo from Brett on guitar merging into a smooth reggae style bridge. The Hammond is just groovin to the mood here. Love the bass here!! Infact, I really like the feel of the bass throughout this tune.

Worth While: Nice easy going pop rock sound. Do whatever you have to do. Find your own way. Don't give up your dream. Its your life, you gotta make it worth while. Give it your all. Know when to take your game face off. Take time to smile! Talk to your dog!!! Good message. Love it! Good song! ; )

Sweet Thing: How ironic that the last song sets us up with that bar scene.
Brett talking about every man's fear of having a gorgeous woman as a girlfriend who turns the heads of all the men there and he feels he is losing her. As a woman I can't help but feel this woman LIKES the attention she is getting. Espe with that black dress she is wearing. Kind of sounds like a black widow. . .
Things that make you "hmmm."

What l like about this EP is that it's solid, from start to finish.
I think a few of these would make good soundtrack/TV songs.
Would love to hear a complete album by these guys. I hope one is in the works.

For more info:
Band site

By the way, I just HAVE to plug some pretty amazing Peanut Brittle! Made by none other than Herman Matthews. "Lil' Herman's Peanut Brittle" will knock you out!! It's so good. And the best of all, it does not get stuck in your teeth which is a huge deal for me. Truly yummy. Check out his website and order some for yourself and your friend's and family.


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