Watch out! Sara Niemietz is DANGEROUS!

Last year about this time, the world started taking notice of this up and coming teen with a voice like a seasoned blues/jazz singer. Posting her videos on YouTube, she began developing a nice fan base, one of them being Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen invited this teenager to sing on her show and blew EVERYONE away!!! I blogged it here.

Recently, Sara has been puttin out the funk in the San Fernando Valley's "Cafe Cordiale" as part of a righteous group called "Babylon Social Club," featuring some of music's finest!
Snuffy Walden (Chaka Khan,TV shows "The Gifted Man," "Roseanne," "The George Lopez Show," "The West Wing").
Leslie Smith, singer, songwriter, musician and producer,co-writer of "Minute by Minute!"
Herman Matthews (Tom Jones,Kenny Loggins, Tower of Power, Robin Thicke, Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow and Richard Marx).
Bennett Salvay,(Composer-arranger TV shows "Full House," "Step by Step," "Family Matters") & Terry Wilson, (Eric Burdon, Kenny Loggins, Juice Newton).

How Sara had time to not only rehearse & perform with the band, rehearse new cover tunes, record her videos, post them on YouTube all while maintaining a 4.0 in high school last year; is baffling!! Her videos are not only amazing, but tasteful and well done. When you see her live, you are in awe that she's so young, so talented. Singing those songs like she lived them out herself!

So I suppose it goes without saying that it seems everything Sara does, she does well.
Including the recording of her new EP, "PUSH PLAY."


1. Dangerous Outside
2. Evening
3. Go to Bed
4. Rooftops
5. Anomala
6. On Your Way


W.G. Snuffy Walden, Glen Ballard, George Doering, Herman Matthews, Bennett Salvay, Aaron Beaumont, Randy Kerber & Andrew Schulman

All grown up, Sara is showing the world a beautiful sophisticated side to her voice, from the moment you hear the first song; Dangerous Outside.

My 14 year old daughter was listening with me and said it sounded kind of sexy, like when two people are going to have private time in their bedroom. That is exactly what I had thought of, too. This song has a very haunting, sultry feel to it.

Evening: The intro in very "tango-ish," indicating to me at least, a hint of intimacy is happening here. Love that West Coast "Lee Ritenour" sound to it. Talaya from L.A.'s 94.7 The Wave needs to hear this one!!! This is their type of song!!

Go to Bed: if those neighbors are bugging you upstairs, then play this one!!! Making the point of "would you please be quiet!" with a cool "Stray Cat Strut" feel. For some reason, I felt like I was listening to a T Bone Burnett production.

Rootops is such a cool song, with it's John Mayer like intro. As a former music student, I learned that how words are enunciated while signing, a listener can tell what the mood and tone are. From the moment she begins this song, Sara sounds like she is smiling, which in turn, made me smile!

Anomala is just a pretty song!!! This is radio quality here, folks!!! So bluesy and easy. The sound is so nostalgic of a 70's tune.

On Your Way has a Sarah McLachlan spirit to it. What a beautiful song!!! This is a great song for a intense TV moment. The movements are so feeling and chilling. I have to say this is my favorite!! I found myself letting it play over and over about 10 times!!! Gorgeous!!!

How can you go wrong when you have good writing, fantastic personnel and a great talent!! Drummer, Herman Matthews said Sara is the real deal. And you know what? SHE IS!!! She has own sound.

This is not a hard rockin' funky album. But it will Soft Rock your face off!!

Check out Sara's new video of Rooftops

You can visit
Sara here:Sara Niemietz
The Official Sara Niemietz Channel onYouTube

Recent comments:

rhorlowski said... This review is right on! Sara Niemietz is amazing. Nothing more to say.
June 15, 2012 2:26 AM

patty said... Agree, Sara is a force to be reckoned with! Shes an amazing performer and a sweet young woman! Love her music! Love her new album, Great review!
June 15, 2012 8:47 AM

Anonymous said... Sara is the absolute BEST! I have at least 150 fav girl singers I admire, and Sara is my #1! Thanks for this wonderful blog! Bobby
June 15, 2012 9:06 AM



Anonymous said…
Sara is singing her soul like noone else can do!

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