Steve Lukather of Toto Tells The Story of Love in His Book; "The Gospel According To Luke"

I have had this book for more than a month before it's release in September.
Why wait so long to post my review if I've had the book so long???

As I got toward the last few chapters, the book being so good, I haven't wanted to finish it!!

Plus, I found myself listening to the recordings Luke played on as well as recordings he talks about done by other artists that he loved and admired. That all took time!

"The Gospel According To Luke" with Paul Rees by Simon & Schuster, is an autobiography by Toto's co-founding member; guitarist extraordinaire, Steve Lukather. Released at the same time that Toto toured this summer celebrating their 40 years together, it is more than what fans may expect. In fact, it's more than I expected!

I consider myself to be a long time fan of Toto. Growing up in the California desert of Palm Springs in the 1970's, my friends and I would cruise along Palm Canyon Drive blasting our favorite Toto tunes; screaming to the top of our lungs "Georgy Porgy," "You Supply The Love" or "Hold The Line." Local DJ's who spun the records at high school dances, often had one of their hits playing, which always got the students moving and grooving.

So I was totally looking forward to reading Luke's accounts of being with Toto, as well as Boz Scaggs, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Mike McDonald, Ringo Starr, and more!
As I began to read, I realized that there was more to this book than Steve Lukather's contributions to modern music.

I'm not sure what the reading audience might be thinking this book will be about. Assuming it's only about Steve's life as a studio musician, member of Toto or hired gun. One thing is sure, this is not a "tell all" book.

Don't get me wrong, Luke definitely relives some pretty colorful times in his life, all while remaining a gentlemen. Telling stories that as he puts it, "must be told" and letting sleeping dogs lie on others.

For me, what I found woven throughout this book of music stories; is love and devotion.
Love for his parents in wanting to please them and make them proud while still pursuing his passion for music.
Love for his sister. Sharing stuff with her that he couldn't share with his parents and the two of them having each other's backs.
Love for his ex-wives and maintaining a great relationship with each of them.
GREAT love and devotion for his children and making sure that he is there for each of them.
Love and devotion for his friends. Referring to them as "brothers." As a Latino, we often refer to close friends as "primos," meaning "cousins." Perhaps that needs to change. "Brother" seems so much closer.
And most of all, his love and devotion to his brothers of Toto; Jeff, Mike & Steve Porcaro, David Paich, David Hungate, their families as well as past members.
Oh and definitely a story of love and devotion to music and it's craft.

Be prepared. Right off the bat, Luke states he will be cussing often and using words that have a somewhat crude sexual tone to them. That's an understatement. HAHA. But it wouldn't be a book by Steve Lukather if he didn't. It adds to the color of his stories. That being said, I truly appreciated that Luke writes as tho he is conversing with his good friends. Using everyday words and not talking above "this girl's" understanding! LOL Especially when describing music and his assignments with other artists. It was very refreshing.

I personally felt as tho Luke and I had so much in common, in that we were both raised in and around the L.A. area. Had that understanding of what life was like growing up in the 1960's and 70's, in that most kids would take the initiative to make something happen. Also, his stories about the Rat Pack and the love of them and their music was endearing to me. My father knew Frank Sinatra and unbeknownst to me, at my rehearsal dinner, which was held at a famous restaurant in Rancho Mirage which Frank frequented, Frank showed up through the kitchen, saw my father and gave a monetary gift to him for my wedding. Frank did not come out as he did not want to draw attention away from the bride and groom. There are other stories about Frank and my parents that are dear to my heart.

One special friendship that Luke writes about, is of his brother; Miguel {Miggy} Ferrer. I have been a long time fan of his and his family; Rosemary Clooney his mom, his father; José Ferrer and their families. Theirs was a very special relationship. The way Luke recalls their angst had me laughing out loud and when talking about Miggy's death January 19, 2017, had me crying out loud. Miguel is close to my age, so I saw many of his films and was a huge fan of this fantastic actor. Seeing him on the CBS show; "NCIS: Los Angeles" was difficult, as it was evident in the last season that he was ill. But being so strong, I could tell he wanted to keep going. I cried when he passed. He was so young. I never knew that he and Luke were friends. So to read Luke's stories of their crazy days, was so wonderful. I felt like I was privy to something so special and endearing.

Not wanting to give any more away, I appreciated his never talking ill will of anyone but perhaps a couple of people.

Given all the stories of Luke's early days of being a musician and climbing the latter by working hard and gaining the respect of his peers, I found this book to be very engaging. I wish I hadn't finished the book. I wanted it to go on and on.

Luke states in the beginning; "No doubt about it, mine has been an extraordinary life."

It's more than that. . .
"The Gospel According To Luke" is about relationships,
the good,
the bad,
the ugly
the beautiful.

This book is also available on audio through Audible. Which by the way, is GREAT if you want to listen to Luke tell his stories. It's slightly different than the print as it's not word for word.


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