"Time Keeps Ticking By"
by Robert Taylor 1975

So this 45 I haven't seen since high school. Some neighbor girls I was friends with had a brother who played bass on this record. They loaned this 45 to me. Unfortunately I never returned it. I met their brother a few years later, while working at the phone company. He was still playing bass and asked me to join his band.

Recently found a copy on ebay. . . selling for 144.00. . . WOW!!!!


Anonymous said…
I know the guitar player of the band.
Anonymous said…
I showed up in Palm Springs late '74, over heard a co worker talking about her boyfriend's band renting some equipment and I just happen to have a van full. I ran sound for Robert a couple of shows and even sat in on a set. Very cool people, really loved his sister Pearl.I believe his brother Alvin played with Eric Burton, and George Harrison.....

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