My place to share my 45's with you!

So, recently, my sister, in visiting my mom and my dad's house, began going through a closet where they kept all the records Lps, 78's 45's, 8 track tapes and cassettes. Some of these records have been in my family for 40, 50 years & longer. There was ONE I had been searching for since around the 1980's. But even if I had ever found it, my mom would never let me have it.

But my sister, well my sister has a way. . .
And she began going through all the 45's, convincing my mom that I should have them, because I could "record them onto the computer," speaking as so to help my mom understand what "digitizing" meant. So my mom let her have them. And onto me. . . they arrived.

What a blast I had in going through and reliving my childhood with these treasures. Holding some I hadn't seen since I was 5, 6 years old. Remembering them as they spun around and around on the stereo, the labels and the smell of the vinyl.

So. . . I knew I couldn't keep these to myself. I had to share them with those who feel the same way about their 45's and about music, all together.

So my friend, sit back, while I stack 'em up and let the 45's play!


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