Keyboardist for Lady Gaga & His 360° Piano

I had an opportunity to meet an amazing musician who just happens to be touring with Lady Gaga and has toured with her since 2010. He is Brockett Parsons. What an nice guy!

Brockett was at this year's NAMM Show demonstrating his amazing keyboard that has gone through two Gaga tours and is about to hit the road again with the upcoming Artpop tour.

I also had a chance to meet Brockett's friend, Richard Fell from QRS who is the creative force behind the ArcPiano. Rich took a few minutes to tell me how this concept was conceived and what he did to make it a reality.

Isn't that incredible!? Proof that if you can see it, you can achieve it!

As you can see, Brockett is so amazingly awesome! He's got that Weather Report vibe going on there, don't you think? I told him that. I also told him that if he ever puts out a solo LP, I would love to listen and review it. He immediately responds with, "I'd like to show you something."
Grabbing his iPhone, he shows me this video of a solo project he did. . . .

Very impressive, right!? Love the concept of the video with his song. Yes, I will definitely review any future solo projects he puts out.

It was a pleasure meeting Brockett and spending a little time with him. He's a cool dude and I wish him much success.

For information on the ArcPiano by QRS, contact them here: QRS Music Technology and their Facebook


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