LO'S PICK OF THE DAY - "That's Not Me" by Michael Ruff


Originally featured in Inside MusiCast

Although I've known the names Michael Ruff and W.G. Snuffy Walden since around 1984, it would be several years before I met either of them. I take that back. . . I did meet both of them when they played a cool hot spot for music in Santa Monica called "At My Place." That would have been in 1985.

How I came to know of these two great gentlemen is from a good friend of mine and schoolmate, phenom keyboardist; Anthony Patler, who had gotten a gig with the Chaka Khan band in 1984. The band also included Jimmy Haslip and Vinnie Colaiuta.

I've followed their careers and have been very proud of their accomplishments in not only their professional lives but personal. My focus on today's pick, is the rockin and soulful playing of the one and only Snuffy Walden.

The thing that has always impressed me of Michael's recordings and performances is what he requires of those in his band. He demands the best from each of them. And they give it - WHILE having a great time!! This song is a "turn it up loud and dance your butt off" tune! The other funky rockers are Jimmy Johnson on bass and Ralph Humphrey on drums.

Snuffy's playing has such a driving groove, that not only does he play the lead but he is adding some crazy percussion to this track with his guitar, that has me on the floor and groovin while trying to type this out.

Snuff's career has been one that has not only included his contributions to rock and funk but he is considered an authority on writing music for television and movies such as "thirtysomething," "The Wonder Years," "Felicity," "The West Wing," "Nashville" and more.

There is a documentary on this cool Kat, called "Up To Snuff," showcasing not only his accomplishments with TV / Film, but what he has done in the music world. This award winning film goes back to where it all began for Snuff - his band The Stray Dogs, Eric Burdon, Stevie Wonder {guitar on "All Day Sucker}, Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, AND MORE!!!

Snuff in my opinion is the SHHH!TS!!!! I love this man!!! So full of talent and so humble.


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