The Spiral Starecase

This group was definitely talented and I loved watching them whenever they were on t.v.
My mom met them at a club somewhere in the L.A. area, probably around El Monte, which is where they lived. It was Harvey Kaye (Kaplan), my mom new best. This 45,"No One for Me to Turn To" was going to be their latest single and he gave this copy to her.
Years later while I was a teen, my mom and I ran into Pat Upton in Palm Springs. . . a very nice man.

A Side "No One for Me to Turn To"

B Side "Sweet Little Thing


jim brinkerhoff said…
I jamned with them twice in Palm Springs at the Howard Manor back in '74. Great musicians!
Loretta said…
The Howard Manor!?!?!
WOW!! I haven't heard that name in a long time.
My mom and I ran into Pat when I was a teenager at the Howard Manor
My mom knew Harvey back in L.A. In 71.
And we moved to Palm Springs in 72.

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