Music you HAVE to listen to!!!

I’m of the mindset that good music passes all genres, regarding of style and or faith. Good music is good music.

Here are a few you have to check out!!!

Michael Ruff
You Are My Song

Michael Ruff has had such a long history in music, working with some the greatest names in music history! Today, he plays for THE GREATEST, the Savior Himself! Michael is true to his musical style as he leads you through a walk in the cool of the day with his smooth sound and his righteous funk. Check this album out! If you are a lover of the "Michael Ruff" sound, this album will not disappoint!! Check out another blog I put out on Michael, when he played at the Baked Potato this last summer.

Victor Orlando

Mr. Victor Orlando is also not a stranger to the funk & soul, having been a part of one of the greatest funk groups of our time, The Gap Band as well as working with other great artists in the funk, R & B and pop world. This is album is full of fire. You just wanna get up and dance!!!

Joseph Patrick Moore
To Africa with Love

Joseph Patrick Moore is more than a bass player! Please don't mistake his quiet, polite & unassuming looks for delicate playing skills. Joseph Patrick is a FREAK on the bass!! He knows his F-U-N-K and he knows how to play it smooth! Love this guy!


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