Hold On cuz Peter Furler is ON FIRE!!

I truly love my job!!

I love, Love, LOVE listening to music!

AND I love giving my opinions & thoughts on what I’ve been listening to!
So here I am again. . . sharing a truly solid piece of work with all of you!!

“On Fire” by Peter Furler

Does that name sound familiar? It might if you’ve been a fan of The Newsboys.

I’ve been a fan of The Newsboys for a number of years. I’ve seen them perform a couple of times and have been blown away by their performances. So I was looking forward to listening to this new album by former frontman, Peter Furler.

Peter is working with some of music’s BEST people, plus this is also a family affair with his wife and father lending their talents to some of the tracks!

Here’s the track list:
1. I’m Alive
2. Reach
3. Glory To The King
4. Never Ending Love Song
5. Matter Of Faith
6. All In Your Head
7. Closer (Featuring Steve Taylor and Some Other Band)
8. Faster And Louder
9. Psalm 23
10. Hold On
11. Greater Is He (Featuring Phil Joel and Bill Furler)

As I mentioned above, I am so impressed by who is on this project.
I am ALL about the liner notes!! Give me more liner notes!! HA!!


Let me tell you who is on here. . . Steve Taylor!! A legend!! Steve set the trend of NOT following the CCM format in the 80’s by blowing us away with his outspoken lyrics and delivering it in a New Wave style!! For you youngins out there, you might recognize Steve singing “Yo Ho Heroes" from The VeggieTales’ movie; “ The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.” Currently, Steve is working on a film adaptation of Donald Miller's book, "Blue Like Jazz" as well as just completing this project with Peter.

Musican & Photographer, Jimmy Abegg has been a part of Rich Mullins’ Ragamuffin Band, as well as working with some music’s finest i.e. Phil Keaggy, Charlie Peacock, Shaun Groves, Stellar Kart, Jars of Clay and Michael W. Smith, just to name a few.

Also, Phil Joel, formally of The Newsboys also lends his voice. GREAT!

For me, an album can be written well and have the best of the best playing on it. But if the sound sucks, I am immediately turned off. So I would like to tip my hat to Peter and “Me In Motion’s” Seth Mosley for doing a fine job of producing and making sure that the sound quality was beyond excellent!


Let me tell you about my favorite songs. . . which could change, since every time I’ve listened, I’ve added a new favorite to my list : )

The album sets you up with “I’m Alive!”

The beat is gonna take you for a ride. . . the lyrics are uplifting and encouraging! This is a song of CELEBRATION for anyone who has come out of a hard situation and or struggle and so happy to be given another chance!!

For myself, who had been chasing mirages in my life recently, only to find that God had been loving me the whole time through it. . . Yes, this song would be my anthem!!

This is a “get up and dance and CELEBRATE being alive and given another chance” song!!:)

“Never Ending Love Song,” to me is very reminiscent of that Newsboys sound. Great tune!!

“Matter of Faith” I love the intro to this. Very easy going and then the chorus comes punching!!

“Closer” definitely reminds me of Steve Taylor. I love this song!! It has that 80’s New Wave nuance to it. And of course. . . VERY outspoken lyrics! John Painter is SICK on the bass!!!

“Faster and Louder” is very MGMT / Passion Pit!! Love this song!! I wanna jump up and down!!!

Psalm 23 begins like a ballad but is very Euro sounding. Having just listened & reviewed Lady Gaga’s album, I could hear very similar sounds of that Euro beat with its angelic like keys!! Perhaps that is because DJ Andy Hunter did the programming. Very well done!!!

OKAY!!!! I think “Hold On” is my favorite of all. NO!! IT IS!!!!! I LOVE this intro and then the drop into acoustic guitar!! This song gives me chills!!! I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I can definitely hear this track on the top radio stations. I’m freaking out at how much I love this song!!! I love the underlying "Strawberry Fields Forever" feel to this. Especially at the end. Very cool!!!

I have to turn this up!!

I wish my speakers were louder!!!


For anyone who has loved Peter’s voice and style, you are going to love this album!

For anyone who is not familiar with him or The Newsboys, you are going to love this album!!!

Look for it’s June 21st release.

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Liner Notes:
Produced by Peter Furler and Seth Mosley

Vocals: Peter Furler
Guitars: Seth Mosley and Peter Furler
Bass: Seth Mosley and Peter Furler
Keys: Seth Mosley and Peter Furler
Drums and Percussion: Peter Furler
Background Vocals: Phil Joel, Peter Furler, and Seth Mosley
Additional Background Vocals: Summer Furler and Celi Mosley
Programming: Seth Mosley and Peter Furler
Additional Programming on “Psalm 23” and “Water To Wine”: andy hunter
Guitars on “Closer”: Jimmy Abegg
Bass on “Closer”: John Painter
Additional Production on “Closer” Peter Furler, Steve Taylor, John Painter, and Jimmy Abegg



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