ODD SOUL - In Pieces

If you are as big of a MUTEMATH fan as I am, then you are fully aware that their latest LP, "ODD SOUL" is scheduled to be released on October 4, 2011.

The word I've been hearing for the last few months is. . . this is going to be THE ALBUM that will make MM a household name!!
Although. . . they've been a household name in my house from the beginning!

I predicted back in 2005 they would be making the late night talk show circuit and not too long after. . . it all happened. . . from Craig Ferguson to Letterman!!

Mark my words, folks. . . SNL is just around the corner!!!!

If you are an Adam LaClave fan, then you'll recognize the coined term "odd soul," which Adam used to describe the combination of soul music and glam rock he created with friend, Jonathan Allen as "Club of the Sons."

And can I just interject that COTS' release of "Young Quanta" is pure genius??
I absolutely LOVE this album!!!! (alittle plug: if you're interested, you can download it from Adam's site.
. . . okay. . .okay. . . back to the title. . . per MM Bassist, Roy Mitchell-Cardenas when I asked him about the title, "We took that inspiration [of Odd Soul] and put our MM twist on it."

ODD SOUL - In Pieces

The guys have been posting videos of "Odd Soul," breaking all the parts down in pieces. If you go to MUTEMATH'S site, there is a interactive video mixer showing the videos in their respective parts and you can create your own mix of "ODD SOUL." Here it is below, full and all put together : )

I am so glad that these stems are posted. But knowing me, I'll never create my own mix. I suppose just for the sake of fun, I might. But for now, I'm going to enjoy them as they are. I mean, don't you find yourself wanting to just listen to one part of your favorite song? Like pre-stereo Beatles where you can turn the left or right balance, just so you could hear the song without the singing or just the guitar and bass playing. Or listening to the bass lines of Stevie Wonder's I Was Made To Love Her done by bassist extrodinaire, Carol Kaye. SO COOL!!

THAT'S what these stems remind me of. So. . .I'm gonna continue to enjoy listening to them individually. And then maybe someday soon, I'll play with the video stems.

I love ALL the breakdowns!!! But have to say, I am finding that I am favoring the guitar and bass stems most, which there are about 3 videos posted. And out of those 3, I've watched & listened to this one the most.

I love that brash, fuzzy "Foxy Lady" sound to Roy's guitar.

It is so FUNKY!!! Like Rare Earth's "Get Ready!"

And Roy's Poncho is bound to set a trend. I'm thinking that would be a cool merch buy with Roy's Guitar and Amp screen printed on the back.

In writing mi "primo", Roy,
I told him just that! That I love the style.

It seems very organic &

60's / Hendrix like.

He wrote back saying, "Glad you enjoyed the song/video.

This new album is very organic and soulful. I'm happy lots of people are reacting well to it."

So that confirms what I thought about to expect from this album. ; )

I asked him to tell me about his amp and guitar.

As they looked very retro and 60's like.

"Guitar: It's called a Galanti.

It's a 1960s Italian guitar.

Here's a link to a similar one: Galanti

Amp: it's a Guild Maverick, from the 60s also."

SO COOL!! Thanks Roy for the info. I totally love that my assumptions were correct. : )

Since I am old enough to remember 1960's free concerts in the parks of L.A., ODD SOUL is takin' me back, with it's feel and sound.

Once the album is out, I believe we will be taken back as I think this is the essence of ODD SOUL. . .organic and soulful.

Needless, to say, I am so looking forward to seeing them live, August 16th at The Troubadour. Which I am sure will produce a new blog on that show as well as a few surprises
; )


Check out MM's latest Youtube channel called "weareoddsouls" for all the stems as well as new postings!!








Woo-hoo! Very informative!

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