Seattle FINALLY shows some serious love to MUTEMATH

With an nearly sold out show at The Showbox SoDo on Friday, February 10th, MUTEMATH showed major love back to their fans, old and new by giving 200 percent of themselves and putting on a spectacular show, playing ALL the tracks from the their latest release, ODD SOUL and surprising us with several classic MUTEMATH songs. Their FACEBOOK seemed to indiciate that they might only play about 3 or 4 classics, but I was shocked at how many songs they gave us.

And you could see it on their faces that they were very pleased by the response they were receiving from the crowd.

As a long time fan and supporter of this great band and these guys, I was like a mom. . . proud to be a part of it all!!

The guys


above and beyond

for their Seattle

fans by going for

2 1/2 hours!!!

This reminds me of the concerts of old where bands like Loggins & Messina would continue to play long after the lights were turned off. This was by far a stellar show!!

Highlights were a grand rear entrance like Mardi Gras, lights and drums, an amazing stage show, Paul and Darren's craziness and connection with their fans, either body surfing or just hitting the kit out "ON" the fans, to a double air mattress, all lit up and surfing the crowd with Paul on top!! So funny!!!

MUTEMATH posted the making of this tour, which will definitely give you some insight into what I just describe. Alot went into making this tour AMAZING!

Todd Gummerman, the new guy in the band, did an fantastic job and the fans seemed to love him!! And may I add, Todd also tore it up on the Hammond B!!! He's a great musician!And a super nice guy!

This show was more than I expected! They've never ceased to amaze me, but I think this time, they did. When talking with the guys after the show, I commented to Roy that I caught him smiling several times and it warmed my heart to see the smiles.

Roy's response was, "This was the best show on the tour, by far ."

It was good to see them all and spend a few minutes with them. I am so happy to see their success grow!! I told them that I'll miss those old days of them playing at the little clubs in and around Seattle and was surprised that they remembered every place they played!! GREAT!!

For tour info, visit their pages.
And for the Canadian fans, MUTEMATH will be doing a tour in the Fall of 2012!




Bridget Raftery said…
Perfect :) Seriously, the energy those guys had... and to keep it up for 2 1/2 hours?? Incredible. They had the crowd going the entire time; it really was an interactive show!

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