A Radio Station for Lovers of WestCoast AOR

Podcasting site; Inside MusiCast which boasts accurately that it takes music lovers deeper into music "one podcast at a time," is taking the music listener to an even deeper level - RADIO!

IMC founders Rick Such and Eddy Cabello have launched Inside MusiCast Radio, where lovers of West Coast AOR, Jazz, Fusion, Pop and Funk can hear tracks that may not be found on any radio station, satellite or any of the streaming services.

What's really cool about Inside MusiCast Radio is that it includes music from past guests of Inside MusiCast. Which I think is great because although I love the tracks IMCRadio is playing, especially my favorite cuts by my favorite artists, I kind of feel "forced" in a good way to listen to other tracks from former IMC guests whom I'm not too familiar with and may not have taken the time or have the time to listen to new stuff.

What you're guaranteed to hear is music from Eagles, Steely Dan, Kenny Loggins, Toto, Snarky Puppy, Gino Vannelli, Con Funk Shun, Boz Scaggs, Michael Sembello, Jeff Lorber, Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, The Tubes, Lee Ritenour and more.

But what you'll ALSO hear is music you probably won't hear on any other stream station or satellite, such as, Jarrod Lawson, Young Guns - Silver Fox, Ed Motta, Jay Graydon, Monkey House, Bourgeois - Tagg, Michael Ruff, Ole Børud. Solo projects by Totos' Steve Lukather and Simon Phillips. Bobby Caldwell and Jack Splash,Tim Cashion, "Champlin, Williams, Friestedt," Tom Canning, Samuel Purdey, Tristan, State Cows, Los Lobotomy's and so much more.

The station is definitely is in it's infant stages but for the short time that it has been on the air, I have become totally addicted to it.  I like to believe that I am musician's musician (from the listener's standpoint) who craves the music of fellow musician's. Inside MusiCast Radio satisfy's that craving.

It's easy to listen - online from your computer at www.insidemusicast.com or download the app for iPhone or Android.
And these links:
Winamp, iTunes: http://cast1.citrus3.com:2199/tunein/insidemusicast.pls
Windows Media Player: http://cast1.citrus3.com:2199/tunein/insidemusicast.asx
Real Player: http://cast1.citrus3.com:2199/tunein/insidemusicast.ram
QuickTime: http://cast1.citrus3.com:2199/tunein/insidemusicast.qtl

At last. . .music for the lover of Westcoast AOR that is ear candy at it's finest!

Thanks Rick and Eddy!

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