LO''S PICK OF THE DAY - "Love Come Down" by Evelyn King.


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A shock to the core for me tonight is hearing of another great passing on. . . Kashif Saleem, aka Michael Jones.
Listening to great L.A. stations in the early 80's like 103.9 KACE or 102.3's KJLH, I could depend on them to play the latest in underground funk and soul. And I can tell you that Kashif's music and my single days went hand in hand.
Evelyn Champagne King
being one of those who was constantly on rotation for me. And for my Pick tonight, I was torn between choosing the Gospel, Smooth, Jazz, Funk and Soulful sound of "I'm In Love," to the funky pop; "Love Come Down." Evelyn's voice is so cool with a bit of raspy to it. It's honest and raw.
Written by Kashif and produced by Morrie Brown, this song truly is the essence of Los Angeles in 1982. . . Funky, Fun and Free! Trying to make a date with that cute guy or girl on the L.A. freeways, holding our Paddle Talk signs up from our windows with the words; "Smile," or "Let's Meet," all while you got the jams going.
That's what Kashif gave us. . . . a soundtrack with a great groove and so much more.
"Love Come Down," is my jam all the way. When I am feeling good and want to sway with my funky moves, when the sun is out or when I need a "pick me up," it's this one, turned up and I'm back . . . in 1982.
There will never be another like Kashif.
Thank you for giving us the funk.
You were such a talent!
I just can't write anymore.



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