Abe Laboriel: Amazing Fans with His Mad Skills at NAMM 2012

All you have to say is "Abe Laboriel," and people know that you know something about music.

Abraham has been a part of the music scene for over 40 years and has recorded with the best of the best and been on the best of the best albums recorded in history, such as, George Benson's "Give Me The Night," Quincy Jones'"The Dude," Al Jarreau, just about every Lee Ritenour album ever recorded, including with Dave Grusin and many, many others.

Oh and of course

I have to mention

my favorite album:


by Lee Ritenour

So, for me, it was a huge treat to see this man once again live at this year's NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.

For almost 30 years, I've not only seen Abe perform with my favorite artists, but have gleaned his wisdom in a workshop held at the Christian Musician Summit back in 2005.

What a wise and eloquent speaker.

Abe knows his skills VERY well. But you won't find a more humble human being.
Okay . . . you will, but Abe is up there as far as being humble and kind.

Abe was at the UBass booth performing with six time Grammy award winning recording artist & producer Daniel Ho and fellow bassist, Steve Billman.

Great musicians, every one!

Here is what I captured:

I might be wrong but I believe this was Daniel's "The Dessert Song" they performed.

The trio performed a song of Daniel's found on TV's "Hawaii Five-0" Soundtrack. . .
"Living In Paradise." Great Song!!

The last song was Dave Brubeck's "Blue Rondo à la Turk"
This was AMAZING to say the least!

Afterwards, knowing that he is not computer savvy, I informed Abraham of the love that his fans have for him. Telling him that they have created "fan" pages on Facebook in his honor. He knows about Facebook and was more than happy to record these messages in English and Spanish.

En español

Abraham is a lovely man.
Can't wait til I see him again!



Anonymous said…
I also love Abe, he is very much influenced my life. From the moment when the Lord Jesus saved me, I looked at Abraham as a benchmark in music and worshiping God. The most important moment was when Abe arrived in Latvia and I was happy to be a master class and concert in Riga. After the concert, Abraham not only signed my photo, but also prayed for me and it was a moment I waited for ten years. I knew Abraham who is willing to serve as a priest. For me he is the bass player from God number one and I called him about his father through which I was born a musician. P. S. If you ever Meet him - tell him that the Latvian very loves him!

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