Sara Niemietz gets noticed by Ellen DeGeneres

Sara Niemietz is no newcomer to show business.

At 18, she is a seasoned actress who has done Broadway, been in films and is currently on television as the on-screen guitarist for GLEE.

And if you've seen any of her videos on YouTube, you've probably noticed that she is quite the singer and musician.

Someone else noticed!!!!
Ellen DeGeneres!!!!!
Do I sound a bit excited???
Imagine how excited Sara was to find out that Ellen had ALSO been watching her on YouTube!!!

Ellen was so overwhelmed by

Sara, she wanted to meet her


and invited her to the show,

which aired today, May 4, 2011!

How cool is THAT, people????

Watching Sara talking with Ellen, you can see she has such a sweet presence about her!

But that sweetness was instantly replaced once she got that mic in her hand

and started releasing the SOUL within her.


Backing her are some of music's FINEST!!!

Legends; W.G. Snuffy Walden on lead guitar, Terry Wilson on Bass, Billy Watts on Guitar and Jake Coco on drums. What a line up!!






You definitely know great talent!

I have a feeling this will not be the last time we'll see Sara Niemietz on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" or any other show for that matter. She is already on her way to becoming legendary.

You can see Sara performing "Tighten Up" by the Black Keys here

And check out Sara singing "Talking To the Moon" at rehearsal.

You can visit
Sara here:
Sara Niemietz


The Official
Sara Niemietz
Channel on



Sara said…
Wow!!! Thank you so, so much for making this beautiful blog entry! I LOVE what you did and I'm honored. I now have a little scrapbook to keep in my favorites. Sharing!!!!
patricia said…
Congratulations! You are incredible! Sara is the absolute BEST!
patty, patricia, said…
Saras new album is out! Ellen should have her back ! Its an awesome album!
Unknown said…
This is a few years in the future, but everyone that meets, sees, listens to Sara always enjoys her golden voice, her loving positive attitude and her compassion for love of people. What a mentor and friend Snuffy Walden has been for Sara. he's taken a diamond and polished it to make it "SHINE".

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