Right Here, Right Now with Heather Powers

Heather Powers + Simple Skincare ='s magic in "Camouflage."

Simple Skincare has kicked off their 2013 ad campaign with "Girls" and "The Mindy Project" actress, Allison Williams. You might not know that Allison is also the daughter of former TV Producer; Jane Gillan Stoddard and Brian Williams, anchor of NBC Nightly News and host of "Rock Center with Brian Williams." I am a huge fan of Brian Williams. And can I just say that I would LOVE to see Brian expand into comedy!? He's a super funny guy!

Anyways, I digress. . . (Get off the soapbox, Lo)!

As a music reviewer, I was very pleased by the song choice for the background.
I can't help it folks... I pay attention to these things!! HA!!

Simple Skincare has chosen a great song for their latest commercial by singer, songwriter Heather Powers. . . "Camouflage"

Heather has been in the music scene for quite a long time.

She is a multi talent whose time, I believe has come.
"Camouflage" is a great song and I think Simple Skincare has chosen wisely.
Wanna listen to the whole thing? Guess what! It's available online through iTunes and Amazon.

Take a listen.

I am sure you are going to love it!


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